The Scope of Digital Marketers in India

The growth of digital marketing in India has been long documented for almost half a decade now. However, the scope of digital marketing as a country rose to newer levels as the world came out of the pandemic. Corporations, businesses, individuals and even households started adapting to digital technology much more smoothly. People are now adapting to the new normal which has driven up the demand for digital marketers in India.

Careers in digital marketing in India

The demand for digital marketing professionals and experts has increased in the last few years. This has created a huge number of opportunities for young professionals in the market.

Social media marketers: One of the biggest jobs in digital marketing is social media marketing. According to social media sites such as Facebook, India is one of the largest user bases when it comes to social media usage and consumption. Social media marketers are entrusted to take the case of digital ads, as well as organic posts on these sites.

SEO/SEM specialists: SEM or search engine marketing implements various techniques such as paid advertising, pay-per-click, search engine optimization and others. SEM specialists are responsible for making sure that their target prospects see their organization first when they search online for a particular product or service.

E-commerce specialists: E-commerce has emerged as one of the best cost-effective solutions that retailers implement. It saves a lot of overhead as it eliminates the need for any physical space. E-commerce specialists can optimize product pages with proper navigational elements, button placements and descriptions. This can also improve the customer experience and increase conversions.

Brand marketing expert: In the digital age, companies can no longer hide poor customer service and unsatisfactory product reviews from the rest of the public. On the plus side, however, digital media has provided several opportunities for brands to weave their own narrative which speaks to their targets and values. A brand marketing expert makes use of this opportunity to target their audience. By being creative and analytical, they can target certain customer sections and induce them to purchase a particular product or service.

Content marketing manager: Content marketing managers are responsible for managing the blog, handling guest blogging, eBook publications, sales page copywriting and marketing campaigns. One of the advantages that this job role offers is the ability to work from home without any hassle. They can also take in freelancing assignments for healthy remuneration.

Copywriting: Copywriting encompasses a myriad of activities stretching from department to department. This is why interested copywriters should be open to working in a collaborative way with the digital marketing team. Copywriters can assist content teams to refine the content to get better reception. He or she also advises search engine marketers and social media managers. Some of the important pre-requirements of becoming a copywriter are to have proficiency in English and the ability to write a persuasive article.

Inbound marketing manager:  Inbound marketing refers to marketing efforts that focus on bringing users in rather than going out to acquire customers. They do whatever it takes to attract the attention of customers to a particular brand. The exact requirements of this job role, depend on what the organization is all about and the scale of its operations. The role’s prime responsibility is to manage the funnel and conversion at each stage.


The demand for digital marketing professionals can readily be felt considering the jobs posted on various job portals. However, becoming a good digital marketing professional requires a lot of skills and training.

The best thing an interested individual could do is to enrol in a reputed digital marketing training institute. They can then get direct advice and training from industry professionals along with practical knowledge and placement opportunities.

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