Top 5 essential skills of a PPC specialist

Despite the growing uses of social media and influencer marketing technique, you simply can’t overlook the efficacy of a pay-per-click campaign. Since PPC campaigns are all about inbound marketing, where potential customers search for similar products rather than you approaching them. However, despite its potential, the true effectiveness of a PPC campaign lies in the skills of a PPC expert.

We will look into the basic skills that a PPC expert needs to have to excel in this competitive industry.

Ad copywriting

The very first thing that you need to master to become successful in PPC is ad copywriting. In simple terms, this means you need to be well-versed in curating ad copy that is catchy, attention-grabbing, provides value, and, most importantly, urges your target audience to take some action after going through the ad.

As a PPC specialist, you need to be familiar with writing compelling CTAs, keywords, and the art of connecting with your audience with words. Additionally, make sure the ad you are running matches the landing page.

Building and optimising PPC campaigns

This goes without saying, but creating PPC campaigns requires different skills, from keyword research and audience targeting to offer creation and landing page design. As a specialist, you need to have these skills to design and develop PPC campaigns.

Not only this, as a PPC expert, you also need to be well-versed in how to analyse and optimise these campaigns to boost conversions. Only by optimising can you ensure a particular ad campaign is running optimally and is most likely to bring in conversions. These tweaks can be anything from experimenting with the ad copy to adjusting the bid setting.

Mastering landing pages

Landing pages are a crucial part of any PPC campaign, as they are the first page on which ad viewers “land” after clicking a certain ad. To put it simply, the landing page you want your clients to get redirected to must be a natural extension of the ad copy you have written.

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Basic statistics know-how

When working as a PPC specialist, you need to have a clear idea of how to interpret the data that comes with a campaign. With every set of ads, there are unique impressions, CTRs, clicks, and more. In order to make decisions regarding your ongoing ads, you need to be familiar with the numbers to efficiently analyse them.

Suppose one of your ads gets a higher CTR than another one; you might consider making adjustments to the ad with a lower CTR. However, if the low-CTR ad generates a higher conversion rate, you are able to apply that data to determine what’s working and what’s not in that particular ad.

Keyword research

Last but not least is keyword research; without an ad, you cannot get the results you are hoping for. As a specialist in PPC, you need to have a clear idea of what and how people are searching for products similar to yours. Try keeping up with the trends and tweaking and testing the keywords to understand what is working and what is not.

Nevertheless, it is extremely important to use relevant keywords to your product or service in the ad copy. Additionally, remember to keep up with trends to determine which keywords are profitable for your business.

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The role of a PPC expert is crucial to getting your business the immediate boost in traffic and brand awareness that no other marketing platform can offer. However, to get the best results, these skills are important in order to get a business running well.


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