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Is content writing a good career option for freshers

Being a content writer entails a lot of responsibility because one must have a thorough awareness of the dynamics of writing as well as how readers interact with various types of content. Content writers may provide compelling content for both … Continue reading

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5 undeniable benefits of SEO training for beginners

In the ever-expanding realm of digital marketing, the importance of search engine marketing cannot be overstated. Despite the size of a business, the demand for SEO professionals is growing at a rapid pace each day. And as the world is … Continue reading

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How can a digital marketer make a living in India?

In India, the fastest-growing career options are no longer conventional but numerous digital job roles. Nowadays, it is common for ambitious youngsters and even former executives of MNCs to prefer a career that allows them to be their own boss. … Continue reading

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Role of Soft Skills in Internet Marketing

The pandemic has changed the course of marketing and the way people perceive the necessity of being connected via the internet. Amidst all of this, the importance of a digital marketing career has grown subsequently like never before. We know … Continue reading

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Why using Instagram reels is crucial for business marketing in 2022

Since Instagram released reels in 2020, it’s kind of changed the way marketers and influencers interact with their target audience. With over 500 million active users on the platform daily, the potential to reach the maximum number of prospects and … Continue reading

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Why Choosing Digital Marketing as a Career in Kolkata Might Be Your Best Decision in 2022

In the modern era of technological advancement and growing inclination towards a more digitalized society, the definition of marketing is also changing for the better. Leads and customers around the world are preferring a faster, more relevant and personalised experience … Continue reading

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Learn How to Do Keyword Research in our SEO Course

The objective of keyword research is to find out what users are searching for on Google and other major search engines. Keyword research is a type of general, industry-specific keywords and phrases that generate online traffic to SERPs. This is … Continue reading

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5 Lucrative Job Opportunities for a Digital Marketer in 2021 and Beyond

Along with the mass tendency of spending time online, you have probably noticed that the demand for digital marketing skills is in are higher than it used to be in the last decade even. With that, the employment rate is … Continue reading

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Top 5 benefits of using Google AdWords for your online business

Like the rest of the world, the demand for growing businesses online and expanding their presence on an international level is increasing day by day in South Africa. Business owners are now realizing the importance of implementing digital marketing into … Continue reading

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3 simple ways you can improve the quality score in Google AdWords

The AdWords quality score measures factors such as the quality of your user experience, keyword relevancy, and the effectiveness of your pay-per-click advertisement campaign. A quality score determines the relevancy and quality of the keywords that you are using in … Continue reading

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