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Why You Should Go for a Paid Google Analytics Program and Not a Free One

Google Analytics has become an essential skill set in a digital marketer’s portfolio, providing valuable insight into different marketing strategies that are in use. With competition at an all time high, the proper implementation of Google Analytics has become crucial … Continue reading

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Become an SEO Expert at White Hat Academy: Advantages Of A Certified Programme

Digital marketing is one of the most effective promotional strategies used by marketers around the world to effectively reach their customers. It employs various methods like SEO, PPC, social media campaigning and other related digital marketing tools to achieve the … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons to get SEO training

As a fresher, acquiring an SEO certificate in your curriculum vitae can provide you many advantages. Besides, there are other benefits you can get from SEO training. Here, the reasons to pursue training in search engine optimisation are discussed: Better … Continue reading

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Augment Your Digital Marketing Strategies with Pay-Per-Click Advertising Courses

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a unique digital advertising approach which allows advertisers to pay their host when a visitor clicks on their site. When it comes to search engines, advertisers usually bid on search terms that gratify their target market. … Continue reading

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Competitive Advantages of Digital Marketing

A business organisation can be benefited greatly by implementing digital marketing strategies. Techniques like SEO, CRO, and PPC help in the growth of an organisation and making profits. The advantages provided by digital marketing are as follows – Innovative marketing … Continue reading

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A Gateway to the Modern Marketing World

Digital marketing is considered as one of the modern day sensations for various reasons. It has revolutionised marketing and, in the process, has outdone traditional marketing techniques. This article is an endeavour to shed some light on this unique marketing … Continue reading

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Skills of SEO Professionals – Do you Have Them?

SEO professionals might have diverse skills, but there are a few skills which are quite essential and should be present in any aspiring professional. SEO training institutes in Kolkata ensure that professionals do not just develop a deep understanding of … Continue reading

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