Pursuing a Career in Digital Marketing

Marketing is an essential element of any business, driving it towards success through recognition and customer trust. With the growing popularity and usage of the internet, the virtual world has become one of the key channels of communication. Further boosted by the growing popularity of e-commerce, digital marketing has today become a more important tool than traditional marketing. This has all led to a rapid rise in digital marketing, meaning that businesses are investing more in the online promotions sector.

The immense popularity of digital marketing and advertising has led to the creation of numerous jobs in this field. The biggest plus point of a digital marketing career is the fact that you only need to pursue one of the many Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata and you will be good to go. If you also feel like getting into digital marketing but are not sure if it is a good career choice, this article will help you out.

Why Digital Marketing?

The world is going digital at a surprisingly fast pace, about 10 times faster than the traditional economy. This means that the demand for skilled digital marketers is on the rise. The wide-spread use of digital marketing by SMEs and brands is further fuelling this demand. With everything digital and such huge demand for digital marketing, there is a skill gap, which can be fulfilled only by digital marketing professionals and experts.

At a time where unemployment and disguised underemployment are so evident in India, isn’t it a wise choice to take up a career and learn a skill that offers a vast opportunity for growth? Digital Marketing can clearly offer you job security owing to the rapid growth and development of technology.

Further, digital marketing isn’t limited by any degree or specific educational qualification. The field is open for both experienced and novices. Ranging from creativity to coding, no matter what excites you, you will be able to find a role in digital marketing just for you!

Thus, it can be safely said that the question here isn’t ‘why digital marketing?’ The question you need to ask yourself is – ‘Is there any reason to not pursue digital marketing?’

Highlights of a Digital Marketing Career

The biggest advantage of a digital marketing career is that the industry is currently booming with job opportunities. What makes it even better is that it is further expected to grow and create even more employment opportunities in the near future. If you still didn’t find your answer, take a look at the advantages of a digital marketing career:

  1.  It has already been established that the demand for digital marketers is much more than the supply. When working in a sector where skilled personnel are not easily available, you will be able to negotiate your terms and salary accordingly. Also, salaries of SEO, SMO and PPC experts has picked up pace recently, meaning that you could gain a handsome amount for these skills.
  2. Online Money – Digital Marketing is a career option that lets you generate passive income. Simply working online as a freelancer or practising affiliate marketing, you will be able to earn a good amount of money.
  3. No Time Restrictions – Unlike other careers where you need to attain several educational qualifications to get a decent job, you can start working as a digital marketing expert whenever you want. All you need to do is pursue is a digital marketing course in Kolkata. You can do so at any age and time.
  4. Flexibility – Digital marketing gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have a decent internet connection. Also, the field offers a wide variety of profiles to choose from, including web developer, social media executive, SEO expert, PPC expert, content marketer, e-commerce manager, e-mail marketing manager etc.

These are the major benefits of a digital marketing career. If you also want to learn Digital Marketing, sign up for a course today!

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De-Mystifying Common Myths Surrounding Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

As smartphone penetration made internet services handy for everyone, it also sparked a revolution in the e-commerce, social media and of course in the digital marketing sector. Thanks to the easy access to the affordable 4G Internet, the situation became easier as it boosted the number of internet users in the country. As a result, the commercial sector and lots of industries now rely on digital marketing techniques which have increased the popularity and demand of a good digital marketing course in Kolkata.
So, what is digital marketing all about?

It includes the following aspects:

• Search Engine Optimization
• Content Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing
• Pay-per-click Advertising
• Email Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing



General Misconception Regarding Digital Marketing Courses:

• Digital Marketing Isn’t Suitable For B2B Industries:
Many people seem to have a wrong idea about the effectiveness of digital marketing for B2B industries and companies which are utilizing the tools. But, digital marketing is best suited for such commercial entities that are related to the B2B industry. This is because digital marketing gives them the tools to manage focused and intricate communications with the customers directly.

• Search Engine Optimization Has Become Outdated:

Anyone who grasps the core idea behind search engine would realize that optimization is not a trend or a practice that will slowly vanish. Professional SEO techniques will be required as long as there’s a search engine supporting e-commerce. SEO is one of the fundamental elements of marketing on Google’s platform. By bringing the site of a marketer as the foremost search result on Google, SEO helps them to get more customers and continue a successful business, online.

• Digital Marketing Works Only on The Younger Generation:

It’s common to consider youngsters are the targeted audience of digital marketing course in Kolkata because they spend quality time online regularly. However, it’s the elderly population, which spends a considerable time online and their number is continually increasing. Elders have become consistent and returning customers to various e-commerce sites and search engines due to digital marketing success.
Direct Effect of 4G Revolution on Marketing and Advertising Sector
Organic marketing and advertising are slowly becoming a thing of the past as consumers tend to search the internet for any specific query instead of finding the answer through other offline alternatives. Whether they need a service/product matching their specifications, people most commonly run a Google search for it. That is when digital marketing makes its debut, smart digital marketing techniques have outrun traditional marketing methods.

Digital Marketing Will be the Next Big Thing 2019

Marketing scenario that exists online is basically what digital marketing is all about and it keeps evolving with time. Digital marketing course in Kolkata is extremely relevant because there are several new as well as upcoming techniques that an expert professional is supposed to know so that they can offer the best digital marketing services to their clients. With the increase in the number of internet users, there’s been a constant need for clearer and more user-specific marketing techniques to guide a customer to the right kind of services they require.

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Digital Marketing Training – Is it a Worthy Investment?

Today, with an advancement of time, door to door marketing or making use of leaflets and brochures, have become things of the past. In the present time, you can reach any specific region of the world, with just a few clicks. Companies all over the world reach out to a wider audience, build their brand image and enhance their online credibility with the help of digital marketing.

An increasing number of business owners are reaching customers on a global scale with the help of digital marketers. To ensure websites get increased traffic, it is vital to improve their search engine rankings, and this is done by a digital marketing expert. Digital marketing involves several activities which help websites to rank higher in search engines. A digital marketing course, in Kolkata, offers great opportunity to learn everything about digital marketing and make a lucrative career as a successful digital marketing consultant!

What is Digital Marketing?

Today the internet has become an integral part of the lives of most people. Digital marketing involves making use of the internet as a tool for promotion. Digital marketing can be explained as the process of making use of a variety of digital tactics to connect to customers in different parts of the world. There are a number of functions, which fall under the section of digital marketing, which includes, email marketing and digital advertising. At a high level, digital marketing also involves making use of digital channels like social media, mobile apps, search engines and websites to deliver advertising services.

Why should you train yourself in Digital Marketing?

The world with time is gradually becoming a digital one. Today, everything is accessed and controlled with the use of the internet. Taking a course in digital marketing in Kolkata will arm with capabilities, which will make your career future-proof. To know more about the course details, click here. With the continuous advancement in the digital world, in the future, careers in digital marketing would be immensely popular and profitable. Training yourself will along the road, with the added experience, turn you into more of an expert in digital marketing.

Digital marketing training will help you have flexibility in your career. Any job in the world of digital marketing involves extensive use of the internet. Therefore, if you choose a career in this field, you will have a comparatively flexible working schedule. Jobs in digital marketing can also be done in the comfort of your home. All you need is a laptop or a desktop, with a stable internet connection.

Digital Marketing Career

The demand and supply graph in the world of digital marketing is inversely proportional, as there is a lack of good digital marketing professionals. In a situation like this, if you are trained and have the necessary knowledge, there will be no dearth of jobs for you. The demand for professionals is continuously rising.

It is therefore apparent, that spending money on training for digital marketing is not an expense at all. It is in many ways, an investment because training is what provides you with expertise in the field!


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How Effective SEO Techniques Can Boost Your Website Rankings

SEO or search engine optimisation involves several activities targeted towards improving the website’s rankings in different search engines like Google and Yahoo. These activities help in not just improving website rankings but also help in enhancing the brand image of the business and boosts the online credibility of the organisation as well.

So, how does all this happen?

For all this to happen, effective SEO techniques need to be implemented, keeping in mind the goals or objectives of the business. These techniques can be implemented only by a trained professional or an expert who has a thorough knowledge of digital marketing.

White Hat Academy – our SEO training institute in Kolkata offers courses and the necessary training in SEO, PPC, Social Media and of course digital marketing for all those who are interested in learning SEO or looking for a lucrative career in digital marketing. After the completion of the course, students should be able to carry out their jobs independently.

Improving the Ranking of Website

Developing SEO strategies need extensive knowledge, analytical skills and experience. Though there are several techniques, here are some of the most commonly used strategies known to be quite effective in improving the rankings of a website.

URL Optimisation:

Optimising the URL is of prime importance and needs immediate attention. It needs to be unique for each page. A good URL must be short yet descriptive including a target keyword for the page’s contents. The words should be separated by hyphens so that it can be read easily. As for the URL structure, it should be categorised in groups with a menu of the pages to make the site user-friendly.

Content Optimisation:

  • High-Quality Plagiarism Free Content: The quality of content is of prime importance. Make sure to research your content, use the right keywords and in the appropriate way. Only publish content that is useful to the page visitors. Maintain a balanced proportion of texts and images for your content.  Most importantly, your content should be original, it must never be copied from somewhere else or you will invite penalty from Google.
  • Meta Descriptions Writing: Maintaining the number of keywords on the site is a crucial factor because only then your site will come up in the search engines when people will search for those keywords. An effective method of making use of the keywords is adding meta descriptions to the pages. A meta description is a summary of your page’s content and it comes up as search results on search engines when a phrase within it is searched by people.

Link Building Strategies:

  • Internal Link Building: Sites must contain internal links for having its own web so that people can easily navigate by clicking and easily access different pages. Internal links also let the search engines know about your pages and distinguish the most important pages. The users coming to your site will visit more pages and spend more time by clicking on the links.
  • External Link Building: External links are equally important. When high-quality websites are linked to your pages, it automatically increases the worth of your pages. The users, as well as Google, will find your site more trustworthy.

Other Techniques:

  • Page Formatting: You need to format your page well, so that the content reads easy. Use H1, H2, H3 tags for your headings and sub-headings as a part of optimisation. Use bold, italics and underline as required. The font size should not be too small, and the text is always easy to ready when divided into short paragraphs.
  • Inclusion of Page Titles and Headings: The titles of the pages are very important. Make sure that a title is catchy with its unique style and should include the primary keyword.

With the growth of digital marketing, the demand for digital marketing experts are also growing. If you want to pursue your career as a digital marketing expert you need to enrol in our SEO training institute in Kolkata.

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Trends that are Defining the Future of Digital Marketing

With the growing popularity and influence of the digital landscape consisting of the different social media platforms, the virtual environment has become an effective tool for reaching out to the people. This has empowered digital marketing in a way that it cannot be ignored any longer.

While the basic digital marketing strategies consist of social media marketing, SEO, content marketing and PPC, recent times have observed a drastic shift in digital marketing tools. Today, there are several digital marketing trends based on the latest technological and internet-powered tools, that businesses must incorporate in their digital marketing strategies.

So, if you wish to utilise the internet to market your products and services to the online audience, how will you do it? For starters, you will have to know the basics of digital marketing. This you can learn quite easily by signing up for digital marketing training in Kolkata. Next, you will have to incorporate these trends into your strategy:

Chatbots as a Concierge

Chatbots are a kind of software that acts as a virtual assistant, communicating with the visitors and guiding them through what they need. They interact with the customers in a completely natural manner. They can be used for a number of tasks like greeting visitors, answering frequently asked questions, scheduling appointments and helping the customers in making purchases. The bot can be used to steer sales or to offer customer service.

Since the chatbots are quick to respond and answer all questions patiently, many consumers prefer interacting with chatbots.

The Power of Voice

The use of voice for search has seen incessant growth over the past year. To use this opportunity, you should optimise your website to include voice search. You must know what the consumers wish to know and how they will frame their searches. Keeping in mind that audio searches and longer and conversational, simply figuring out the keywords will not suffice.

You will also have to inculcate the frequently asked questions in your website, listing answers for each of them clearly. This would allow the search engines to pick on the particular phrases from your answer, helping you to rank higher.

Digital Marketing: A Ladder for Business Growth

Video Advertising and Live Video

Video remains to be the epitome of content marketing. With the advent of live video, this has gone up a notch further. Marketers who wish to employ video advertising must create a proper strategy for video advertising. First, you need to come up with engaging content for your videos, that will appeal to them. Secondly, you will have to optimise the videos for all platforms and incorporate call-to-action.

Artificial Intelligence and Personalised Customer Service

The application of AI in personalisation, customer experience and analytics have already shown what the technology is capable of. Similarly, AI can be used as a key weapon in marketing strategy. Using AI, you will be able to analyse search patterns and consumer behaviour. Obtaining data from certain platforms, the AI will be able to crack how customers find their services and products. This will help you in optimising your service. With personalisation, the customers will be able to gain a great shopping experience, and this will act as a strong link between the consumers and the business.

These are the primary trends in digital marketing that are on the rise and hold the power to transform the way you reach out to people. Apart from the ones listed above, visual searches, social messaging, use of social media stories etc are also expected to gain pace in the near future. If you too want to keep in pace with the changing trends, you should opt for digital marketing training in Kolkata. It will help you to make efficient use of these tools to market your products and services efficiently, with maximum reach.

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Search Engine Optimisation – Types and Techniques

Serving as a giant platform where ideas are being exchanged with a wide reach, social media has emerged as an influencing factor in the digital marketing process. Since the internet has surfaced as the biggest tool for brand marketing and advertising, effective SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is necessary to generate traffic and rank better in search results. To enhance the position of a brand or organisation on a search engine ranking, various types and techniques of SEO are adopted by digital marketing professionals.

If you wish to know about digital marketing and learn all about SEO and its techniques to improve website performance or rankings, you can register for SEO training in Kolkata.

The SEO experts use two major types of SEO strategies: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

The on-page SEO techniques involve a string of activities that are aimed at optimising the content of the webpage itself, to make the web page appear higher in the search results. These SEO techniques are primarily based on ensuring good quality of content. On-page SEO is conducted on the web page and the content before it is published. The common techniques used in on-page SEO strategies are:

  • Internal Linking
  • Optimisation of meta description, meta tags and alt attributes
  • Prioritising keywords and including them with correct keyword density
  • Backlinking
  • Conducting Webpage images SEO
  • Building customised URL structures
  • Use of H-tags

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO strategies are implemented after the page goes live. These include various activities that draw attention to the web page and captures the reaction of the audience to the content. These activities ultimately help in building healthy and lasting relationships with the audience. The activities comprising off-page SEO are:

  • Linking, Reviewing and Rating
  • Commenting on Posts
  • Sharing links and posts on various social media platforms
  • Monitoring the reaction of the target audience and understanding their requirements
  • Answering queries and questions of the target customers
  • Developing personal relationships with the audience through chat and support

Important SEO Tools

To use SEO strategies effectively, one must know the different tools and techniques that will derive the maximum traffic and boost the visibility of the page. You will learn all about these techniques and tools during your digital marketing training in Kolkata. Planning an SEO strategy with the right tools will help you in recognising the best opportunities and taking advantage of them. There are 6 tools that are most important in SEO.

These are:

  • Content Ideas
  • Technical SEO
  • Rankings
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Link Removing

These tools and techniques are the most widely-used and fall under the category of White Hat SEO. White Hat SEO techniques refer to the practices that are taken up by most digital marketing professionals, abiding by the strict guidelines and rules laid down by Google. These techniques promise long-lasting results.

Apart from the White Hat techniques, there are certain black hat techniques too. These constitute of illegitimate practices aimed at the loopholes of the system, that might generate quick traffic, but the results will be short-lived.

SEO is regarded as a modern marketing technique and a primary element in digital marketing that effectively steers one’s business through various digital and social media platforms. The practice is effective in amplifying the number of online visitors by acquiring a higher rank in the search results of various search engines.

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Top 8 SEO Factors and Their Importance in Search Engine Ranking

If you are new to search engine optimisation, chances are you will make more mistakes than a professional. SEO is a complicated line of work, and without any significant experience, you will not be able to achieve success.

SEO ranking depends on a number of factors. There are more than 200 factors that help you for ranking your website. Though this has not been officially declared by any search engine, experts have discovered them with their years of experience. In order to get success in this field, you need to know more about these factors. SEO courses will help you to find out more about the SEO factors and their importance.

Some of the important SEO ranking factors are discussed below

SEO factors and their importance for ranking a website:

       1.Domain extension- domain extension plays an important role in SEO. Extensions are basically the categories of internet domain names. The domain extension can be country specific or generic. For example:

Here, the .com represents the word commercial, and the most widely used extension in the world. As this extension is highly recognised worldwide for business presence online, most businesses prefer a .com domain name.

        2. Domain age-

Domain age defines the duration of time since the website has been registered and active. The trust of website visitors and the search engines depend on the domain age. There are mainly two factors that influence the age of a domain name. First, the length of time that a domain has been registered and second is the age of the website that means for how long it has been active.

        3. Keywords in domain name-

If your domain name includes keywords, search engines can track your site easily. The domain name is the text that other internet users use as anchor text when linking.

        4. Keywords as the first word in domain-

If your domain name starts with the main keyword you want to target, it increases the possibility of making your business more visible as the search engines as well the visitors find your site easily just by inserting the keyword.

         5. Domain registration length-

‘Short is good’ this mantra is perfectly fit for your domain name length. There should be maximum three words in your domain name.

         6. Domain history-

One of the most important factors in SEO ranking is domain history, as it tells the search engines as well as the visitors who you are and what you do. With the help of domain history, the search engines also get an overall impression about the performance of your website. As the search engines are always looking at several ways to rank your website, your domain history is an essential factor to show the search engines your great site, unique content and true identity.

          7. Exact match domain-

Exact Match Domain or EMD is a filter that is launched by Google in the year 2012 in order to prevent poor and low quality websites from ranking high only because they have words in their domain name that match search terms. Of course it is good to match your domain with keywords, but it is not all that you need to rank your website high.

         8. Public and Private WhoIs-

WhoIs is a query and response protocol that store the assignees or registered users (including their domain name, IP address block and other information) of an internet resource. Because of that they are widely used for querying databases.

These are the fundamental factors that affect the search engines most. Apart from them there are many factors, which are also important for your website ranking. We will discuss about it in our next blog.

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Top 3 Skills You Should Have to be a Successful Digital Marketer

According to a research, the amount of content on the internet will grow over 600% by the year 2020. That means how much we know about the internet, and how much we are dependent on it, it will be six times more than now. This clearly holds the reason why digital marketer jobs will be one of the most important career opportunities than ever before.

Being a Co-ordinator of White Hat Academy, I often face a few questions from the students or the people who are interested in digital marketing course. Among them the most frequent one is- “What skills should I have to be a digital marketer?” or “what do I need to know before learning digital marketing?” This content is all about the skills one should have in order to be a successful digital marketer.

Before discussing about the different skills you should have in order to become a digital marketer, I need to mention about what is the importance of formal education for a career in digital marketing? Well, you don’t need to have a graduation degree in order to be a good marketer. In fact, there is no educational qualification as such that you need to have. An MBA degree is good but not necessary. However, you need to have different skills to build your career in digital marketing. Read on-

1.       Intellectual curiosity:

According to psychology, a person with a strong intellectual curiosity has a persistent eagerness to know more about something. As with the advancement of technology, marketing and business is evolving continuously, it is not sufficient to learn things at a superficial level, in fact you should spark your intellectual curiosity. This will help you understanding every detail of a fact.

2.       Creativity – Let your imagination fly:

The marketing trend has been changed to a great extent since last 25 years. Therefore, creativity is the only skill that can make you different from others. Being creative you will be able to find unique ways in order to cut through the increasing information clutter. Not only that, by cultivating your creative side, you can make memorable and successful marketing campaigns. This will also be counted as a skill for solving problems.

3.       Passion:

Though passion is not directly related to make your career in digital life, it is still important to discuss  it. If you have passion for anything you do, you will positively achieve success. Your passion for learning will make you a successful digital marketer. Without passion you will not be able to fulfil your dream of being a digital marketer.

Apart from these three skills you need to have some other skills like –

  • Ability to execute
  • Analytic and data driven metrics (the ability to find different ways to gather data and assemble it in order to make intelligent marketing decision) and
  • Current digital marketing knowledge (basic knowledge about social media, Google Analytics and Adwords).

Though knowledge and experience are not necessarily skills in themselves, they are highly required in the competitive job market. You will be able to gather knowledge by taking a digital marketing course. Once you have gathered knowledge practically, you will be able to gain experience.


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Google Analytics Certification: Profession in Demand

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that is very helpful for the websites.  Businesses want to make their online presence a success. They invest a lot in their website to reach a larger customer base. To optimise a website and make it more appealing to the visitors, websites need to monitor and analyse their strategies to be successful online. Google Analytics provides the website owners, an opportunity to keep a track of their website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google. It is a freemium service that helps to track and report traffic that visits a particular website. Google Analytics was launched in November 2005. It has become one of the most used web analytics tool on the internet.

Google Analytics offers important analysis data to the website owners. Here are a few things that Google Analytics might reveal about any website.

  • Google Analytics helps the website owners to know from where their visitors are coming from.
  • Which web browser is being used by the visitors?
  • How did they learn about your website?
  • Which keywords directed more visitors to the website?
  • How long did the visitor stayed on the website before clicking away?
  • Which page of the website visitors found unattractive?

Here are a few crucial things about the visitors which are revealed by the Google Analytics tool.

How is This Information about the Website Helpful?

Websites can measure the return on investment of their advertisements and test their organic SEO techniques.  Businesses can target their specific audience if they know from where the visitors are coming. SEO techniques are very useful to drive a huge number of traffic to a website. Google Analytics can give you a hint of what techniques are working the best for a website.  Keywords are essential to both businesses and websites. Keywords help the business to reach its target customers. Google Analytics allows businesses to keep track of which keyword is performing better for them.

Due to these benefits, Google Analytics has grown over the years and is expected to grow in future.  Any business that seeks to increase their search engine rankings needs Google Analytics. But it is too difficult for layman or those who do not have deeper knowledge about Google Analytics. This is because Google has a habit of tweaking its algorithms and a person with average knowledge might find it difficult to keep up with the changes. Thus, businesses need trained professionals with extensive knowledge about the Analytics.

Why to Get Google Analytics Certification?

Every digital marketer needs the knowledge of Google Analytics. Although Google Analytics is very important, very few marketers or website owners enrol for the certification. Google Analytics certification is a holy grail for all digital marketers and those who have websites.  The certification course imparts the in depth knowledge of analytics tool and helps the candidates to become better marketers or ad managers.

There might be wealth of information available online which you might feel is enough but all information might not be useful for you.  This is because Google changes its analytics frequently and it can be difficult to learn online where information regarding previous versions is also available. Those who do not have prior knowledge of Analytics might be wasting their time on useless information.   Therefore, it is logical to learn under the guidance of certified teachers who will guide you in right direction.

Benefits of Google Analytics Certification

There are many benefits of doing Google Analytics certification. Some of the benefits have been discussed below:

Improves Opportunities

If you are a student or a digital marketing professional, you can enrol for the Analytics Certification as this will help you to get ahead in your career. You will get plenty of job opportunities after you have successfully obtained your certificate. Those who are already marketers In case you are a blogger or website owner, you can also enrol for a certification course. This course will allow you to market your website or blog in a better way. You will also be able to keep a track of the progress of your website, if you are outsourcing the marketing work.

Enhances Your Capabilities

Anyone who wants use the analytics tool must get a certification. This will improve their capabilities to use the Google Analytics tool.  A Google certification course will help you to use the features of the Analytics tool in a best way possible. In the long run, you will benefit by becoming a better user of analytics.

Edge over Competition

Mostly, marketers or those who are interested in promoting their website fail to understand the benefits of the Google Certification.  Although there are tangible benefits like certificates that add to your portfolio, there are many intangible benefits as well. With advanced knowledge in analytics and certification from Google will increase your demand as more and more people will want to use your services. This will definitely give you an edge over your competitors, when you are searching for jobs. In case you are enrolling to benefit your own website, you can market your website better and improve the rankings too.

Why Learn from a Google Certified Teacher?

If you are planning to take up Google Analytics course, you should make sure you learn in physical class rooms under the guidance of Google certified teachers. It will not only ensure that you get the required knowledge but also learn about the latest trends.  A Google Certified teacher can provide the right support throughout the course and will assist you in obtaining the certification.

Google Analytics is a very useful tool of Google that allows businesses to keep a track of how their business websites are performing. Businesses need certified professionals who can use this tool. Therefore, there is a great demand for Google certified professionals. Enrolling for a Google Analytics course is a good way to get ahead in your career.



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A Study on the Aims of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is an indispensable part of modern-day digital marketing. In fact, it can safely be said that there is no digital marketing without SEO; it is its heart and soul. Almost everything related to digital marketing is somehow related to SEO. Without innovative search engine optimisation techniques to assist you, a firm would never be able to hope to gain a huge foothold in the market. Some of the most prominent aims of SEO are:

You Get A More User-Friendly Website:

The most important benefit of SEO is that it helps you to create a more navigable website for the prospective clients. The main aim of SEO is not just “search engine” optimisation, but also the optimisation of user experience. In other words, the users are considered the supreme, and everything is done to improve the user experience. A positive user experience automatically contributes towards high search engine rankings.

You Are Able to Find New Customers And Expand Your Firm:

This is an extension of the very reason a company launches its website. SEO techniques assist in using the right keywords so that it is able to catch the eye of prospective customers. Therefore, its ultimate aim is to increase the customer base by marketing it properly. It is a fact that the businesses that have a website have a growth that is twice as fast as the ones who are devoid of a website.

Search engine optimisation would help you gain better rankings in the results of search engines and this would translate to more visits and therefore, more customers.


You Can Mine and Discover New Markets:

In a continuation of the first point, SEO techniques help a company to get more hits, and thus it is able to find more consumer bases and new markets. The more popular a company becomes online, the more word-of-mouth it generates, and thus new markets come into play for the firm.  Added to this, creating pages on social media platforms and mobile marketplaces can increase the performance of the firm’s pr oducts to unthinkable levels.

You Obtain Better Rates Of Conversion:

A website that has been optimised is super easy to use and is compatible with most mobile and hand-held devices. This helps in better and more frequent instances of conversion, i.e., converting visitors to customers.

Build Up A Brand Image Through Decent Rankings:

The greatest advantage of going SEO is that it helps to boost the brand image and build awareness among a wider population base. People are more inclined to trust the name which appears on the first page of their search engine results, as compared to the firms that don’t have a noticeable screen presence.

Thus, the small firms which are just beginning to have a role in the market urgently need to invest in SEO so that their names can feature on the first page of their products-related search results. Unless they do it, they can never hope to gain a strong foothold in the market.

Take to Blogging and Social Media:

Part of having a good SEO approach is to gain a dedicated fan-base through web feedback programmes and sending out newsletters to the mails of subscribers. The subscription facility can be communicated on the web page itself or on the website’s page on social media platforms. Guest blogging on various sites also help to garner a lot of eyeballs and conversions.

In conclusion, it can only be said that SEO is a dynamic and ever-changing method of conducting operation. Its aims and modes keep changing and getting redefined over time.



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