Securing a digital marketing career post-COVID

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The 2020 pandemic of COVID-19 has massively affected the word in all sectors and industries. The world is shaken, worried, stressed out and looking for ways to deal with it to bring back normalcy to life. It becomes challenging especially when lockdowns and mandatory social distancing is being enforced resulting in most of us staying home and businesses are seizing to operate.

However, the case is quite different in the digital front. Life, during and after the pandemic, in the digital world continues to remain quite the same. This is happening because technology is inspiring possibilities through lifesaving digital marketing careers.

Here is what you need to know about the digital industry-

Technology such as telecom and internet are highly functional sources and digital empowerment is letting a large population of people to work from home, shop, communicate, receive education, entertain themselves, carry out banking, socialising and so much more. Wondering how this is possible? This is because in every turn there is a strong team of digital experts who are working competently to keep our life update. This pandemic may have had quite a few negative impacts on most of our lives but it had a silver lining and that was it uncovered the power of digital excellence in the areas of social media influence, digital marketing, cloud and big data, online tools and businesses, cybersecurity etc.

Many marketers are largely relying on digital marketing as if it were their lifeline as they strategise on generating higher ROI while reducing marketing expenses and growing online customers. For the same reason, digital marketing careers are in demand to regulate the requirement for PPC practitioners, content and SEO experts, digital brand managers, customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing specialist.

Digital empowerment amidst COVID-

With the pandemic uncovering the power of digital excellence in several areas of social media influence, digital marketing, cloud and big data, cybersecurity etc, the post-pandemic world will amplify the Indian job market for digitally skilled individuals how can work remotely. So much that it has the potential to be much ahead of Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific in the field of digital marketing.

Does that sound fictitious to you? Then here are some facts:

Fact No.1: The growth of digital marketing in India is at a rate of 11% which is leading to ample job opportunities for those with a digital marketing career, certification or degree.

Fact No.2: In the Indian internet industry scope of digital marketing careers will be worth more than $150 billion by the year 2020 according to Goldman Sachs reports.

Fact No.3: 25,000 crore INR was spent on digital advertising in India this financial year.

The bottom line is digital marketing career is letting every individual whether it is a youngster, someone looking to change their careers or even a homemaker to explore various techniques and job-breaks if they have the knowledge of digital marketing. Digital marketing careers are also extremely in demand and highly suitable for most because they fit a wide range of professionals who are technological inclined, creative, analytical and insightful.

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