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Digital Marketing Job Opportunities in Kolkata

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving and expanding field which has gained significant popularity in recent years, coinciding with the rise of internet usage. Businesses everywhere are starting to focus on expanding their reach and promoting their brand online. Kolkata, being … Continue reading

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What Professional Content Writers Will Never Do

As a content writer, you may spend hours creating content that you hope will benefit your clients. However, it’s easy to undo all your hard work with some simple errors. These silly mistakes can leave the output dead in the … Continue reading

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How An Online Blogging Course Can Help Your Career

Blogging has become an increasingly popular and lucrative career path in recent years, and many people are eager to learn the ins and outs of the industry. However, not everyone has the time or resources to attend traditional in-person courses. … Continue reading

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Top 3 Job Oriented Courses That Can Help You Get Employed In 2023

After the pandemic, there was a major shift in most industries, which has impacted the global job market as well. Many freshers and graduates have started to come out of the mainstream career paths and are prioritising learning the in-demand … Continue reading

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5 Technical Courses for Women to Land Jobs in 2023

There has been an increase in both the demand for and variety of technical skills all around the globe. It makes one think and re-think about their career choices, especially when they are a woman. For centuries, women have not … Continue reading

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Why Choosing Digital Marketing as a Career in Kolkata Might Be Your Best Decision in 2022

In the modern era of technological advancement and growing inclination towards a more digitalized society, the definition of marketing is also changing for the better. Leads and customers around the world are preferring a faster, more relevant and personalised experience … Continue reading

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Top 5 Objectives of a Digital Marketing Course

Emerging technological advancements and business adaptations have altered the way we interact and obtain information. Businesses are consistently working to develop new ways to use technology to improve their interactions with customers. To accomplish this, they have increased their digital … Continue reading

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What are the Soft Skills Every Digital Manager Needs To Have?

The most prominent field of a career in the current times is, no doubt, digital marketing. But to be a good digital marketer, you need to have almost every skill necessary in the market. You need specific education, certification, and … Continue reading

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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends That Might Rule 2022

As digital marketing has grown over the past decade, social media has not only endured but has evolved each year to maintain its position as one of the most potent platforms in modern marketing. Even though social media holds a … Continue reading

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Top 5 benefits of using Google AdWords for your online business

Like the rest of the world, the demand for growing businesses online and expanding their presence on an international level is increasing day by day in South Africa. Business owners are now realizing the importance of implementing digital marketing into … Continue reading

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