Thinking About a YouTube Career? Then Learning SEO is a Must for You

The technique of increasing the search engine’s qualitative and quantitative traffic to a website or a web page is usually achieved with the help of SEO. SEO mainly focuses on unpaid traffic that can come from a variety of sources, including searching of pictures, videos, academics, and news as well as industry-specific vertical search engines. With a total count of more than 2 billion users and over 500 minutes of content published every minute, YouTube is the second most popular search engine.

The rate of YouTube success stories begins with compelling content, but it is only half of the said journey. Brands can reach a bigger audience and increase the online presence and engagement of videos by employing SEO tactics.

New Video Content Ideas are Generated via SEO

The analysis of keywords is the initial step in YouTube SEO. Video ideas can be influenced by the most searched statistics. SEO tools provide YouTube searched data to assist SEOs and help the content creators in capturing consumer interests and providing an approximate idea of what is being searched on YouTube by most of the viewers.

Video Engagement Metrics

Views on a particular video, subscriptions rate of a channel, like on the videos, comments on the videos, and total watched time all fall under the engagement metrics that determine how a video gets ranked on the YouTube platform. A video with high engagement metrics will have a higher rank than the one with lower engagement metrics. The attributes of different videos like the title, transcript, description, and tags are well determined by YouTube. These metrics are optimized by YouTube SEO, allowing the video to get found for relevant searches with the help of keywords.

Assists in Marketing

YouTube is also used as a marketing platform by a variety of creators mainly to outstate their start-ups or small businesses. Many channels put up review videos where the creator reviews a product. These are the most paid reviews that help the business to be showcased to a larger section of the audience. With the help of the videos, YouTube ranks them among the top suggestions, and as more people visit, the product’s marketing will become more effective.

Attractive Titles

Google searches sometimes show YouTube videos, mainly due to searched keywords. A particular video may rank higher on both platforms if it is stated with a unique SEO title. Some of the most searched keywords on both Google and YouTube are as follows-

  • How to
  • What is
  • Steps to

The maximum length of a particular title should not be more than 60 characters, allowing it to utmost of five to seven words approximately.

Effective Description

The videos are not only defined by the title but also through an effective description. Writing a good description would help YouTube’s SEO in determining what the entire video is all about. The more the description is appropriate with details and proper keywords, the more engagement of the audience is expected. Some of the useful points to remember while writing an eye-catching description are-

  • Use of keywords at least four times.
  • The maximum character to be used in arranging a proper description should not exceed more than three to five thousand characters.


SEO helps a channel on the YouTube platform to engage with a broader audience and expand small or start-up businesses organically in YouTube with the help of marketing, resulting in higher video engagement metrics.





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