5 Things You Learn in PPC Course

PPC or pay-per-click is a form of advertising where you pay a fee to have your website on a search engine result page. This happens when someone types in specific keywords to search engines. The search engine will show ads that you created and it will direct visitors to your website, and you will pay an amount on how many people clicked on your ad.

It looks easy, but there are certain things that you should know about how these things work. There are certain variables that give your ad a boost so that it appears at top of the search list.

That is why there is a whole course about PPC. This course will help you to acquire knowledge about how PPC works and what are the things that affect PPC and how you can set up and utilize a PPC campaign.

Here are 5 things that you will learn in a PPC course.

PPC Overview:

This is the basic thing that you will learn in PPC. You will get to know in detail what is PPC and how it benefits digital marketing. You will get knowledge about the different PPC platforms and channels. This is would be like the basic overview of PPC which will help you later on, to understand it better.

Building Strategy:

To build a successful PPC campaign, you need to have a good strategy. That is why you will learn about the techniques on how a PPC strategy is made. Then you will get the perfect understanding of the sales funnel and the decision making funnel. You will also get the idea of how to establish conversions along your funnel. Also, you will get to know about using landing pages. A PPC course will also help you to learn how to maintain a budget and how to keep a budget aside so that you can make a successful PPC campaign.

Build PPC Campaign:

In PPC courses, you will get to know every step of how you can build a PPC campaign. There are a lot of things that help to build a PPC campaign. You will be learning about setting parameters and creating a goal and goal metrics. Then you will be learning about choosing a campaign type and performing keyword research. And at last, setting up analytics and tracking.

Management and Tracking:

Publishing an ad doesn’t mean you just set it and forget about it. It needs proper management and tracking. That is the reason you will learn about how to manage an ad after it is published on the internet. Then track the details using software about how well it is performing or it needs some change.

Audience Types:

While setting up a campaign, you need to know about your target audiences. PPC course will also help you to know about the type of audiences and expand them, demographic targeting options and customer match with CRM data.

There are a lot more topics that you can learn while you are taking a PPC course. So, if you are interested in PPC, hope these will help you to start your journey in PPC.


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