Can You do SEO Without Any Strategy?

The most common belief in digital marketing is that doing SEO without a precise strategy is a waste of time. But there are exceptions when an SEO strategy is not required. This is why it becomes important to know the art of doing SEO without any strategy at all.

While strategies are needed to receive great results from SEO practices, it’s impossible for everyone to be good at it. In this situation, one can skip the step of developing an effective SEO strategy and follow an already available SEO strategy to help their project. Let’s find out how it’s done.

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Why do SEO without a strategy?

There are specific cases where not having a functional SEO strategy might be a good thing for you. To put it simply, you do not need to have an SEO strategy to do SEO.

  • Your brand is a regional one that is competing with only small-scale companies. In this situation, you don’t need to professionally create a new SEO strategy from scratch. One can simply find and choose a preferred SEO strategy already being practiced to fulfill their SEO needs.
  • There are times when it is just not possible for your site to operate with a comprehensive and expert-made SEO strategy. The reason behind it could be not having enough resources for proper implementation. Anyone working all by themselves to handle SEO requirements on your website can rely on existing strategies instead.
  • Having an SEO strategy is not needed if you promote entirely using black hat SEO, which counts outbound links as important. While black hat SEO is an SEO strategy in itself, following it is full of risks for anyone, no matter how experienced.

So now we have established the exceptional cases when not having an SEO strategy works to your own benefit. But we still need to figure out whether it’s a good thing to do SEO without any strategy at all.

The art of doing SEO without a strategy

Other than being a clever strategy in itself, doing SEO without a professionally developed set of steps is certainly possible. Without a strategy, SEO becomes an active method of website promotion, but it’s more precise than the usual one. In this specific practice, you get to drive traffic that entirely benefits your SEO performance.

  • Building links: When marketing a website, you need to be where your target audience is active. Link-building is one of the fastest ways to drive the right kind of traffic to your website.
  • Viral social media: going viral but on purpose might seem like impossible, yet it happens frequently. Going viral is all about sharing the right content with the right audience to significantly increase traffic.
  • Creating a buzz: the different types of online communities are perfect for creating a buzz as an SEO tactic. Whether it’s Facebook, online forums, or other such communities, a valuable yet controversial topic can drive that extra engagement and CTR.
  • Repurposing, also known as content syndication, is the process of reusing an article on another platform. Doing this benefits your cause because the platform you choose already has a built-in audience, which can lead to a huge number of responses.
  • Featured roundups: people love a brand that understands their needs and meets them, but they hate promotions. There is only one way to get people to like promotional content, and that is a promotional post featuring them. Simple shot-outs or roundups can do the trick.


Doing SEO without a clear strategy is not that impossible for someone who understands its complexities and knows the aforementioned best practices.

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