Top 3 Job Oriented Courses That Can Help You Get Employed In 2023

After the pandemic, there was a major shift in most industries, which has impacted the global job market as well. Many freshers and graduates have started to come out of the mainstream career paths and are prioritising learning the in-demand skills needed by businesses around the world. Due to the increase in the online sector, remote jobs have also started to emerge, making it easier than ever to start a career from anywhere in the world.

However, despite the demand in the market, it is important to keep in mind that the competition has also increased in every industry, which means you need to be one step ahead of your competitors at all times. And for that, you must be aware of what the market wants at present and which skills are in demand.

In this article, we will discuss the top current skills that you need to learn to start a career.

Digital Marketing course

With digital marketing taking over the traditional ways of promoting a business, it is no doubt digital marketing is there to stay. Digital marketing is practically omnipresent, which makes it the best way for a business to reach a larger audience and promote their goods and services. With digital marketing, companies can reach their target audience through emails, PPC ads, or social media platforms, among other options.

Digital marketing denotes an umbrella term for several different aspects and skills that you need to strengthen the online presence of a business. In a typical digital marketing course, you will learn about various topics, including SEO, SMM, SEM, content marketing, analytics, and branding.

By enrolling on a reputable course like the digital marketing course by WhiteHat Academy, you get the chance to learn from industry experts and get familiar with advanced tools and strategies.

Learning digital marketing will not only help you get started with your career but also assist you if you are willing to start on your own. In short, digital marketing skills are a must for every fresher, marketer, and business owner.

PHP course

Next on our list is a PHP certification course, which is highly in demand at present. While it is a good idea to get your feet wet in other popular skills like HTML, MySQL, or CSS, an in-depth PHP course will give you the boost you need to have an edge over your competitors. However, before signing up for a course on PHP, make sure you have prior knowledge of MySQL. In a reputed course, you get the beginner and intermediate levels covered, which will give you the right guidance to start a career with this skill.

Most courses cover the basics, like syntax, variables, operators, control structures, extensions, and namespaces, to name a few. With a PHP certification, you can formalise your domain knowledge, which can be proof of your competency.

PPC course

PPC marketing is a crucial part of online marketing today that most businesses rely on. Since paid advertising has become an essential part of every marketing strategy, PPC skills are worth mastering in 2023 and beyond. Almost every business, regardless of their size or industry, at some point relies on online advertising, which increases the importance of the PPC certification altogether.

While you can learn about PPC through digital marketing but having a specialised course will give you a better insight into the subject. Enrolling in a course on PPC will offer you proper guidance and a certificate that will serve as proof of your excellence. Your employers will understand that you have adequate knowledge of the subject and might take responsibility well.


Most of the time, the courses mentioned above are short-term and give you comprehensive knowledge of the subjects in a limited timeframe. This means you can learn about the in-demand skills and earn a certificate whether you are a student or a working professional.


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