How To Use Social Media And Digital Marketing To Help People During Pandemic

The terror of COVID-19 is only getting larger every day, and the whole world is suffering is anxious. It is very important to take the right steps to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. However, it may not be very easy because as always, wrong information is circulating through social media and confusing the public.

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So, it is important that the hospitals, doctors and healthcare marketers also learn the right use of social media so they can help the people during this pandemic. This is how you can do this:

Social distancing is priority one

Let’s face it; people take things seriously when they are on social media. People have a tendency to do what is forbidden, and, sadly, they are being irresponsible during this crisis as well. However, if social influencers with many followers say something, then more people will listen to it. Recently, a surgeon general in the US wanted Kylie Jenner to use her influence, and she responded to it. Jenner shared her thoughts on the importance of social distance on Instagram, and it reached her millions of followers.

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Now, if a social influencer can do this, then why not medical professionals. A lot of misinformation is present right now and people do not know what to follow. This is the time to share your knowledge through social media. Indeed, doctors or nurses do not have a wide social media following. However, they still have a huge influence on people only because they are professionals and have the right knowledge about the situation.

You should use all social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also mail important information to your friends and family. Professional healthcare marketers, on the other hand, have great potential of educating people through scale. They can update the website of the organisation, as well as several organic social media properties with important tips and updates. It is also a great option to work with the leadership so the marketer can encourage his doctors and other medical staff to share their thoughts on their social media accounts as well. Go for social media advertising and PPC advertising to reach millions of community first, and then you can start helping them.

Symptoms Are to Be Taken Seriously

Now, it is common for people to catch a cold, but that does not mean that they have COVID-19. While things are getting out of control, it is easy for people to get scared. If a person starts having some symptoms, then he may wonder what to do next. So, a social marketer must guide them the right way. When people have questions, they will look for the answers online.

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So, you should help them by providing the common information they need, such as:

  • The symptoms of Coronavirus and the right time for a medical test
  • The places for medical test
  • Ways to avoid infecting others
  • Hospitals with the infrastructure and ability to take new COVID-19 patients
  • The risks of transmission of Coronavirus

All hospitals and healthcare organisations must already have these pieces of information on their websites by now. If you are the in-charge of one, and the website does not have this information, then update it immediately and publish blogs as well. If you do not have a website, then spread them through your social media accounts so more people can access them.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Hand Disinfection, Disinfection

Everyone will agree that it is always better to prevent a disease then being affected by it and getting treatment. Especially, when it comes to the COVID-19 crisis, it seems that prevention is the only cure for us. The spread of Coronavirus must be stopped. We must break the human chain; only then the world can protect itself from this disaster. This is why people that belong to the medical field must provide their patients with valuable information. If you are a medical professional, then you must use your social media accounts to share tips and advice on various topics such as:

  • Ways to boost the immune system.
  • Tips to care for children at home
  • Ways to dealing with fear and staying positive
  • Cope with insomnia, anxiety and stress
  • Tips to pass the time in a healthy way
  • General updates

You need to make sure that the information you share is accurate, relevant and empathetic. Although the tone should be serious when talking about such things, judging the current situation, you should mix some lighter content along with it.

If you are in the digital marketing, then remember that you have the power of helping people, and it is your responsibility during this difficult time. So, make the best use of social media and assist people in every way possible.

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Reasons why digital marketing is so successful

Digital Marketing 2

With the flourishing world of technology and economy both small and big businesses are equally striving hard to be the best and most successful. Most businesses are going online in some form or the other in order to keep up with the digital marketing world and to stay relevant. And this is a result of the success of digital marketing. Whether you wish to build a career in digital marketing or wish to grow your personal small scale business while basking in the success of digital marketing, you can always register under any renowned digital marketing company that offers quality digital marketing course in Kolkata. Go on incorporate the learnt skills to grow yourself, your careers and businesses.

Below are some of the main reasons why digital marketing has become successful and continues to flourish: -

  • Very Targeted: When compared to traditional marketing digital marketing is much more targeted which proves to be more successful and brings in conversions. This is possible because digital marketing helps you dissect huge target groups or demographics into super-specific groups that when targeted has a large scope of conversion. Such specific targeting is relevance based which makes conversion more of a possibility than general advertisements and marketing. The relevance plays a huge role in the decision making of the targeted person, group or demographic.
  • Cheaper and cost-efficient when compared to traditional marketing: Whether you are a small business are a big one, digital marketing is very cost-efficient for you when compared to traditional marketing. This is possible because digital marketing requires internet and other specific apps and tools depending on your requirement and type of business instead of huge production budgets to film ads and broadcast on televisions or but or rent out huge advertisement boards and hoardings. This makes it convenient for small businesses that have little budgets and resources and the bigger businesses enjoy savings.
  •  Scalable and advanced analytics: When you incorporate digital marketing and put out an advertisement you have the ability to scale its results and study the insights and analytics for future betterments. The in detail analytics offer you detailed information regarding what kind of demographic has responded to your ad, what target group resulted in conversion and more. This information makes it easier to retarget the right audience.
  • Better Reach: Digital marketing has many reasons that add to its success and one of them is better reach. This is possible because every digital marketing attempt is carried out on the internet, the place where most modern age people spend their money and time. People spend a lot of their time on social media platforms and reading blogs and news reports while spending money on online stores etc. It only seems reasonable and smart that businesses are targeting these online platforms for marketing which makes their reach widespread due to the massive population dedicating their time and money on the internet.
  • Promotes equality for all types of businesses: In general, one would think it is much harder for small start-ups and personal businesses to boom when in competition with larger and more recognised brands and industries. And it is true but not when it comes to digital marketing. Digital marketing levels the playing field for smaller and lesser recognised businesses. This is possible because irrespective of the size and financial budget of a company if they have access to the internet their marketing campaigns have the same reach and access to platforms as the larger businesses do.

Online is where your potential clients and customers are which is why it seems impossible to succeed without the incorporation of digital marketing. Its indispensability has resulted in its success which is here to stay. If you wish to learn the ropes of the world of digital marketing, you can easily apply to any reputed digital marketing course in Kolkata.

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Effective SEO Strategies to Improve the Rankings of your Website

There are billions of searches on search engines every single day. How do you think your business is going to come up on these results?

To improve your business ranking on search engines, good SEO strategies are necessary and need to be applied. Effective Internet marketing is the ultimate answer to making a business successful in the present world.

Search Engine Optimization, Seo

SEO professionals utilise a number of SEO strategies to promote their business and improve its rank.

  • Keyword optimisation: Keywords are crucial for improving SEO rankings of a website. SEO professionals start by keyword research based on the products and services provided by the website and google searches of the targeted audience. Once the keywords are determined, they are used for the company name to appear on google search results.

  • Quality content writing: Contents relevant to your products and services is a useful tool for grabbing your audience’s attention. SEO content writers create useful and meaningful contents to increase the dwell time on your website. It refers to the amount of time that a visitor spends on a website. Dwell time effects organic SEO ranking.

  • Header tags: Your targeted audience will spend more time only when the content on your page seems attractive and interesting enough to read. Header tag is a useful feature to fulfil this purpose. Internet marketing experts break content into sections and add meaningful meta descriptions to them, which makes it easy for the readers to understand.

  • Meta descriptions: The meta description is a short description of a website and its services. Viewers can see it when the website comes up in google search results. It is essential to create a meta description with care because it is what piques the interest of the audience before they even visit the website. SEO professionals specialise in writing a compact meta description that covers company introduction and important details.

  • Outbound links: Using outbound links are another effective SEO strategy that is used for boosting website ranking. Linking your website to authoritative sources not only increases the relevance of the content on your website but it also wins the trust of Google as an important website, which also boosts per visit time of your audience.

  • Blogs: Search engines like Google consider a website as a source of information for people. A website is acknowledged more as a source when it has more indexed pages. This is what blogging does, it increases your website’s indexed pages. So, blogging is great for securing your SEO ranking and achieving a positive return on investment.

  • Readability of the website: The website needs to be easily readable to attract more audience and keep them engaged for a long time. If the content of the website is not readable then the viewers wouldn’t read them. To boost readability, content writers ensure that they use simple simple words, short sentences, active voice, different fonts, short paragraphs, headings, bullet points and more.

Do you wish to learn digital marketing? We have specially designed courses for beginners, helping them to all everything about digital marketing.

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The Role of a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that uses digital technologies through display advertising, content marketing, mobile phone apps and some other digital mediums. Being a professional in the digital marketing industry requires qualification that goes beyond basic marketing skills. If you wish to be a part of the industry, you need to understand the skills required for digital marketers and what is their role in marketing.

Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, MarketingA digital marketer is responsible to develop, implement and manage marketing campaigns for the promotion of products or services of the client companies. The person plays an important role in improving brand awareness through digital platforms and driving traffic to websites. The professional also needs to identify and evaluate updated digital technologies and use analytics tools in order to measure the traffic that a website gets. It is essential for better optimisation of marketing campaigns.

In general terms, a digital marketer takes the responsibility to generate leads and set brand awareness by using different digital channels, which include,

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Ranking in search engine
  • Digital display ads
  • Corporate blogs
  • Email marketing

The web analytics tools help digital marketers to identify weaknesses and find ways to improve performance throughout the digital channels. An individual digital marketer is an ideal choice for smaller businesses, whereas large-scale organisations need to select a digital marketing company that boasts of a team of professionals.

So, what are the skills of a digital marketing expert?


Search Engine optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), these are the basic concepts that every digital marketing professionals need to understand. Proper understanding of how SEO and SEM work in the success of digital marketing allows you to work efficiently within a team. You must remember, a business cannot be identified by the customers unless it has a well-optimised website and content with relevant information.

Content Marketing

Relevant content is written by the writing professionals in order to attract and engage customers. Content with information about the products or services is published through website, blogging or social media. A digital marketer should have a clear idea about the aspects of content, how it should be created and how it becomes effective. Besides, you need to have the right understanding of content strategy and analysis.

Data and Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important aspects that marketing professionals need to know. It allows digital marketer to track reports. By tracking reports and monitoring campaigns, you can find the issues and apply the right solutions. This, in turn, leads you to increase conversions and pull traffic.

Digital Technology

In the digital world, everything is driven by advanced technology. Having knowledge of the latest technology is essential for digital marketers thereby. It must be easy for you, to use the up to date technology. Having some knowledge of Content Management Systems and  coding is necessary.

Several positions are available in the niche of digital marketing such as SEO manager, content marketing specialist, social media manager, marketing automation coordinator, digital marketing manager etc. Whatever be the position of your choice, you may become a successful professional in the industry niche, by accomplishing a digital marketing course.

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Seven Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing Career

en you begin a career in digital marketing, you can see that the industry is very fast and relentless. You need to be quick and creative all the time, which is stressful at the beginning. However, as you sharpen your skills and evolve into a capable digital marketing executive, you will find the career very interesting. You may follow these steps to boost your digital marketing career.

Digital marketing 2

1.       Sharpen your skills

Being a digital marketing professional requires developing both your hard and soft skills. The hard skill you need to sharpen is the ability to demonstrate a return on investment of the marketing budget made by stakeholders. You need to use the available data for helping others understand the benefits of marketing. You can have better chances of making real money from the digital marketing industry if the return is high. Soft skills you need to master include the power of influence, creativity, innovation and collaboration. So, it is important to pursue a digital marketing course.

2.       Keep track of the latest trends in the industry

Digital marketing is one of the most volatile industries. Technology and social media both evolve constantly, and new trends are introduced every moment. So, if you want to be a part of it, you must be aware of all the latest trends. However, look beyond the marketing trends. It is important to grasp the overall advancements of the digital industry. Moreover, you must understand sales strategy, business strategy, industry news and customer experience.

3.       Create a bold digital presence

The key factor of being a successful digital marketing professional is developing a strong digital presence that reaches the public widely. Employers from digital marketing companies look for demonstratable online skills when they search for potential candidates. So, you must be as visible as possible on the internet. You can build your presence on your twitter feed and LinkedIn profile and can also have a personal website or blog. Make sure that everything from your bio to your image represents your professionalism.

4.       Get into networking

Networking is essential for any career, and digital marketing is no exception. By networking more, you can reach out to more connections which can land opportunities for you. For networking, you have to be a people person, as well as comfortable with the latest technology. Social media is the best place to start networking. However, you also need to get out of the house because social media can only take you to a limited extent. Meet professionals who can inspire you and see their work by attending relevant events. You can also improve your understanding of social media, analytics and other core factors of digital marketing by visiting information sessions.

5.       Develop a personal brand

After creating your online presence, you must maintain it by posting regularly. This way, you can develop a personal brand. However, it is not necessary to be present on all social media channels. You can simply use one or two channels and establish a strong following. It is a great way of showcasing your digital marketing skills and getting the attention of other digital marketing experts.

6.       Understand data

As mentioned earlier, ROI and metrics are vital points when it comes to digital marketing. However, it is not very easy to master these. Developers and software marketers acknowledge that return on investment of online marketing is the biggest challenge. When you send over reports to clients, including analytics and data-driven conclusions is a must. So, you need to develop a profound understanding of data. By doing a digital marketing course, you can learn to collect and analysing data properly.

7.       Learn to adjust

If you want to get into the digital marketing industry, then you need to be flexible so you can adjust quickly to any situation. It means that you have to update both your soft and hard skills. You may also need to take over a role which is different from what you do if a situation demands it.

Lastly, take risks without hesitation and always ask for feedback. Being confident is the key to be successful in this industry.

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Careers for a Fresher in the Field of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry seems tokeepgrowing and it doesn’tlooklike it is here to stop any time soon. So are career opportunities. With the industry booming at a great pace the demands have been shooting up for people to work in the digital marketing industry. Therefore, there is no better time for you than now to begin your career as a fresher in the field of digital marketing. Especially with the industry demanding experience, you must start right away without wasting much time.

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Here are some of the career options availableforfreshersin digital marketing-

Digital marketing executive: One of the most common obvious career options available to freshers diving into the digital marketing world is that of a digital marketing executive. He/ She must work with the marketing team and execute all the activities and plans strategized by the team.

Social media executive: Being a social media executive you need to work on all the different social media platforms that exist and fit your industry requirements. You will have to ensure you regularly post on the platforms by scheduling posts using social media tools as per the social media strategy and calendar. Maintaining the social media profiles, keeping it active and responding to your audience is one of the main tasks of a social media executive. As a social media executive, your communication skills must be top-notch since you will be interacting with potential clients and customers on different social media forums.


SEM analyst: A Search Engine Marketing analyst or a Google Ads analyst is required to successfully implement the search engine advertising campaign of a particular company after understanding and assessing the key performance indicators and campaign insights.

Email marketing executive: As an email marketing executive you will be required to take up all email marketing tasks such as drafting and sending emails and newsletters to potential clients and leads using email marketing tools. You must also deal with data and analysis of those emails and keep a check on the metrics such as click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, email open rate, bounce rate and more.

Content writer: As a content writer you will need to take care of all the content creation for a particular company’s website, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, etc. You need to produce quality content that will promote your companies inbound marketing. At times you may also need to dabble as a copywriter and write ads and promotional content for the organization you work for.

Content marketing associate: The job a content marketing associate is to assist a particular company’s content creating a team in planning, creating and posting content on the various platforms that benefit the company such as social media platforms, website contents, blogs and more.

SEO executive: The job of an SEO executive involves executing the SEO strategies chalked out by the SEO team or the marketing team. The job also involves having to come up with new strategies and analyze existing ones.

Digitalmarketinganalyst: As a digital marketing analyst your responsibilities will include analysis of all the marketing strategies and campaigns and their performances while providing a detailed report. Their job helps the marketing team to better their strategies and fix the weak areas for a successful and profitable campaign.

One of the most important things to remember is that you must start. Waiting for new opportunities will not help you gain the practical knowledge you need to grow in this field. Therefore, be prepared for entry-level jobs and internships in the above-mentioned careers. The earliest you jump into the digital marketing pool the faster you’ll climb the stairs of success.

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Why digital marketing certification is more worthy than a college degree

The moment school life is over it can start to feel scary because you’re often under the pressure about what career path to choose. It is one of the most stressful periods for many people. But it doesn’t have to be. Whether you just finished your schooling or just exploring different educational options in order to change your career path, digital marketing might just be your solution. Digital marketing is one of the most flourishing career paths in the present world of the internet. To enter into this world, you can always begin with a certification course or a degree in digital marketing. But a professional certification is the best way to go about.

Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Here a bunch of reasons why a digital marketing certification will prove to be more worthwhile than a college degree if you wish to pursue digital marketing as a career:

1.       Saves money

It is a no brainer that a certification course cost much lesser than a university or college degree. The digital marketing certification courses are carried out for a short period of time like 3 or 6 months when compared to 3 to 4 years of college which makes it possible to be cheaper than college. On the other hand, many digital marketing certification courses are online courses which allow students to save up on transportation and accommodation fees.

 2.       Allows flexibility

Flexibility sounds great in general already and this is exactly what a digital marketing certification course offers you. Most courses on digital marketing are available online which gives you the flexibility of choosing when and from where you wish to attend the training session.

3.       Saves time

You not only save money opting for a digital marketing certification course, but you also save time. A digital marketing college degree will cost you 4 years or even more while a certification course will only take up a month or 6 months depending on the type of course and the skills you wish to attain.

 4.       Anyone and everyone can do it

Digital marketing is one such career that can be opted by basically everyone. Irrespective of your age, previous career path and educational background, you can choose to get certified for digital marketing. You do not need to have prior knowledge in order to be able to understand and learn this field educations. All you need is the eagerness to learn. It is meant for all also because people with domestic responsibilities or transportation issues can always opt for online courses and learn from the comfort of their homes.

5.        Valuable and acceptable

One of your biggest concerns while doing a certification course is whether it has value, and will the certificate be acceptable. You do not need to stress over this since many reputed digital marketing certification courses hold more value than many university and college degrees. This is possible because the courses are designed to prove to be industry-oriented training which is exactly what the field of digital marketing needs. Companies are now focusing on candidates that have skills specifically meant for the industry than just theoretical knowledge of the generic subjects such as math or marketing that do not completely apply to one particular field.

6.       Up-to-date

University or college courses and their syllabus do not change often according to the changing requirements of the industries but when it comes to digital marketing certification course it keeps changing and updating its course accordingly. This is possible because the courses are designed by professionals from the digital marketing field. Since the courses are industry-oriented, they are kept updated according to the latest trends and changes.

There are many digital marketing companies that offer quality online and offline certification courses. You can apply too and kickstart your digital marketing career right away since there is no better time than now.

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What is the job of a digital marketer?

Apart from qualifications, entering the digital marketing industry requires creative skills, and if you are considering digital marketing as a career, then you must begin from understanding the job of a digital marketer.

Digital Marketing professional

Simply said, a digital marketer is an individual responsible for building brand value and generating leads by using digital channels, including –

  • Company website
  • Corporate blogs
  • Email marketing
  • Social engine rankings
  • Online display ads
  • Social media

If you become a digital marketer, then you will have to take full control of the company’s digital strategy and use measurable analytics to find out areas that need improvement across the digital channels.

Skills required to be a digital marketer

Digital marketing is a field where certifications, internship and experience matter. You can complete a digital marketing course from an academy and get the certificate to add to your credibility. It is also important to build a powerful online presence by having plenty of followers on social media pages. the areas in the field you need to cover and gain online marketing skills include –

  • Design thinking: A key skill for successful digital marketing, design thinking can help a digital marketer to engage customers the best way by ensuring simple and effective online experiences. Whether it is designing customised apps, online shopping sites, or accessing information, customers will be provided with a better experience.
  • SEO and SEM: Digital ads are driven by online searches, so a digital marketer needs to understand SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) for working in the field. There are many strategies to improve the rank for your website on search engines and following the right strategy will allow you to work in the digital marketing field efficiently.
  • Data and analytics: Google analytics is an important part of digital marketing. It can help in tracking reports. Monitoring campaigns and applying for funding according to consumer behaviour provide greater solutions for driving more traffic and increasing conversions. A digital marketer needs to use the data collected by the businesses for retaining new customers.
  • Content marketing: Content is essential for attracting customers on any digital channel. It can be a website, blog or social media. You can also offer content to people in whitepapers, how-to booklets, case studies etc. A digital marketer needs to understand how content is created and how it can be used effectively. Good quality content can help a business reach its goals and generate more traffic. As mentioned earlier, the digital marketing industry has many areas, but no matter what kind of work you want to do, you need to understand content strategy and analysis thoroughly.
  • Video: Sometimes, it gets difficult to get the attention of people with texts. However, from stats, we know that getting higher ranks on Google is easier with video marketing. A digital marketer does not need to be a video producer, he only needs to be able to create a video by focusing on the basics. He needs to have the knowledge and understanding for writing scripts, use the apps or platforms for creating videos and deliver good video content.

Job options in the digital marketing industry

If you want to build a career in digital marketing, then you need to explore the job positions available in the industry. You can choose any career path among these –

  • SEO manager: Being an SEO expert, you need to utilise your skills in this position for improving a company’s content. Content creators will decide their strategy with your input so the performance on Google and social media are enhanced.
  • Digital marketing manager: You will have to supervise the development of the company’s content strategy and marketing campaigns. The job includes generating traffic and enhancing brand awareness for getting new customers. You will also have to be updated about new technology that can help in digital marketing.
  • Social media manager: As the name suggests, you will have to create a schedule for posts, as well as supervise or create posts on social media. In most cases, you need to work in a team with SEO people, other digital marketers and a content marketing specialist to create a digital marketing strategy.
  • Content marketing specialist: In this position, you are a creator of content, and you need to come up with a strategy to ensure higher Google rankings by ensuring increased traffic. You will also pick material from videos and use them on social media and blogging.
  • Marketing automation coordinator: The individual in this position has the responsibility of dealing with marketing campaigns and their results. It is a technology-focussed position where you need to find the best software for monitoring and analysing customer behaviour.

The digital marketing industry goes through constant change, so, for being a part of it, you need to have a forward-thinking mind and keep up to date within the industry.

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Building a career in digital marketing

The world right now depends on the internet for anything, whether it is shopping, paying bills, planning a vacation, or anything else. As the popularity of the internet is skyrocketing, companies are getting the opportunity to promote and expand their businesses online.

Individuals that take care of digitising business are called digital marketing professionals. They have the necessary knowledge and skills to utilise the internet to create effective web pages, email advertising campaigns, social media postings, community blogs and more. All of these are aimed to connect today’s internet-savvy customers successfully. The demand for digital marketing professionals is increasing drastically every day.

The purpose of digital marketing

A digital marketer needs to leave a positive impact on the consumers and influence them to want to know about a given service or product more. The professionals attract people using their wide range of skills, so the sales of the given business are increased.

Student, Typing, Keyboard, Text, Woman

Is digital marketing a good career choice for you?

Digital marketing is a highly rewarding career choice if you –

  • Are creative.
  • Like to write.
  • Like to solve problems.
  • Enjoy conducting online research.
  • Enjoy helping people to find workable solutions.
  • Have a social personality.
  • Are analytical.
  • Enjoy challenges.
  • Are an objective thinker.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced work environment.

Are you made for digital marketing?

You may have a knack of digital marketing, but are you best-suited for a career in this industry? Keep in mind that this industry is continuously growing and evolving. So, you need to keep pace with the growing demands. You are ideal for this career if you possess these personality qualities –

  • Innovative: You need to come up with out-of-the-box ideas for reaching new customers.
  • Passionate: A natural curiosity and desire to create in essential.
  • Listening: It is very important to listen well to the customers for building a trusting and loyal relationship. You need to understand a customer through his buying habit and figure out the reasons for any problem that arises.
  • Social personality: If a person is extroverted and outgoing, then he can be more successful in this field because it helps to interact with clients better.
  • Goal-oriented: You need to set both long term and short term goals and work attentively to fulfil them for succeeding in the digital marketing industry.

Skills required in digital marketing

If you want to choose the career path of digital marketing, then you need to master these skills –

  • Inbound marketing: Possessing this skill is essential for generating new leads.
  • Organisational skills: In digital marketing, you need the skill to manage many different campaign aspects at the same time.
  • Search engine optimisation: Understanding how the SEO works is the first step in digital marketing because you need this to improve search engine rankings of a company which will lead to more people clicking on the company’s website.
  • Social media skills: To increase brand exposure, a digital marketing professional must create effective and viral social media posts that will be highly sharable among users on social media platforms.

Job positions in the digital marketing industry

Based on your skills and qualifications, digital marketing offers many job positions, including –

  • Online content developer.
  • Search engine optimisation specialist.
  • Web designer.
  • Brand management.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Email marketer.
  • Professional blogger.
  • Mobile marketing specialist.
  • Search expert.
  • Business analytics specialist.

Steps to build a career in digital marketing

If you want to build your career in digital marketing, then these are the steps that you can follow –

  • You can start by following established digital marketing sites. These sites can be found on social media platforms.
  • Then, try to build a network of successful industry experts that have many years of experience in the field. You can learn and improve digital marketing skills from them.
  • After that, create and promote your brand. By doing these, you can show your ability to prospective employers.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, you need to get a certificate after completing a digital marketing course.

The more you gain knowledge and experience in digital marketing, the more job opportunities you will have, and your demand as a digital marketing professional will grow.

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How To Boost Your Organic Traffic?

As a business, if you have been around on the internet for some time now, you know how important visitors are for your website. This means you have surely come across the term SEO and you wish to use it for your business as it improves your organic traffic. Organic traffic is the most effective way to gain more by spending less. Creating a good flow of organic traffic does not happen overnight. It needs patience, a good amount of time and effective strategies. But the organic traffic can be boosted for your business with the right tools and strategy implementations.

Here are a few suggestions on how to boost your website’s organic traffic–

Incorporate social media presence:

Google pays much attention and importance to social media and it largely affects the ranking of a particular website. To improve your rank, you must be updated on all your social media platforms. Staying relevant is vital because that is what attracts visitors to your sites. And you must link your social media accounts to your blog posts and provide sharing options to increase your organic reach.

Frequent blogging:

If you blog frequently it becomes something to look forward to for your visitors and readers therefore it keeps them coming back for more. On the other hand, Google also appreciates when a website is regularly updated. Regular posting shows your dedication and proves that you are in for the long haul. Make sure your content is the relevant and good quality which will improve your visitors too.

Extensive research on keyword:

One main thing must know is your image or persona. This is important because you need to come up with topics that are related to your business or directly about your business in order to rank in searches. Sit down and think of topics, at least five or more that work for youandutilisethesetopics to figure out precise keywords. The right tools will help you understand which keywords on your list have the best success rate. You must at all times be on a hunt for keywords that are highly searched but has low competition.

Be ethical:

There are many people that incorporate unethical processes and strategies to help them boost their ranks. But this should not inspire you. Being ethical is vital, rules are made for a reason. Unethical means are not permanent solutions. The worst-case scenario following the unethical path is facing penalties or even getting removed from Googles index.

Indulge in ethical link building:

Adding links in your blog posts is a good method as we already know from the importance of social media. These links will enable you to navigate your visitors to other relevant content of your business. This is a smart way to keep your visitors captivated or engaged on your website which will, in turn, enhance your ranking on the search page.

Manufacture quality content: Youcan not entirely depend on keywords. It is equally important to ensure you manufacture good quality content that makes sense to your audience and increases interest. Understanding your niche and creating educational content related to it can be effective for your SEO.

Boosting your website’s organic traffic can be time-consuming butapplying and keeping in mind the above suggestions and tips will better your chances. Keep patience and soon you will witness a great improvement in your organic traffic. To know how you can do all this and much more, why not join a digital marketing course? Contact us to know more about career prospects.

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