7 Instagram Marketing Tips to Help your Online Business Grow

Instagram is a platform where people can share photos and videos. It’s not only used to share photos and videos but also allows multiple businesses to reach out to a set of potential customers all around the globe. In order to boost your Instagram marketing, you must steadily and consistently grow your following.

The seven most useful strategies to outshine your online business are-

Start a Business Account

The very first step to start a business on Instagram is to create a profile in the name of the business. Instagram business profile lets users create and publish Instagram ads without the need to use Facebook’s advertising tool.

Utilizing the Free Instagram Tools

Instagram closely resembles Facebook’s marketing pages, with a large “contact” mobilization that allows people to email, call, or text on the company’s profile. Instagram also provides the access to insights that help the owner to determine the engagements and the impression of the other users on that particular page or the post shared by the owner on the page. Instagram also provides a breakdown of the demographics of each of your followers, including their age, gender, location, and most active hours on Instagram.

Publish Sponsored Ads

Instagram advertisements have shown many growths prevalent on the site. With the carousel option on Instagram, you can display either one sponsored ad or several adverts to engage more and more followers via the advertisement on the profile.

Usage of Stories

Instagram stories play a very important in the strategy to grow the business. The stories are displayed at the top of every user’s feed. They’re very dynamic than the usual feed postings. Stories have a variety of unique features that is not found while posting a photo or video in a feed. Stories play an important role in your marketing strategy.

Proper Hashtags

Creating an attractive hashtag is a smart way to let people discover your content even if they don’t follow you. Once the customers become aware of the hashtags, they will want to post the picture of the purchased product and use the hashtag to get featured on your profile. As soon as the followers begin to publish your created hashtag, more followers can be gained as it manifests your brand and products on their follower’s feeds.

Active Engagement

Following the accounts which interest you, and liking and commenting on other user’s posts is the first step to engage with your followers. The more you appear in their notifications, the more you will be remembered and be recommended. If your followers are taking time to recognize your posts and liking and commenting on them, then you must also take you time to respond to each of the comments possible to show that you are also responsive towards your follower.

Posting Regularly and on Time

Posting frequently on Instagram is a proven method to get engaged with your audiences and let them know about the product or services you are dealing with. The more posts you create, the more customers you are likely to get. Apart from this, posting at the correct time is also necessary. Determining when your maximum followers are active and then posting at a particular time every day can help you to reach the existing followers as well as the new followers.

 Instagram is a very powerful social media platform that helps you to connect with millions of potential customers. Make sure to keep a proper track of the metrics to determine how efficiently your Instagram marketing is working.

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Top 5 benefits of using Google AdWords for your online business

Like the rest of the world, the demand for growing businesses online and expanding their presence on an international level is increasing day by day in South Africa. Business owners are now realizing the importance of implementing digital marketing into their marketing strategies. There are plenty of digital marketing agencies that are providing quality services including SEO, social media marketing, and search engine marketing such as Google ads.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows you to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in the products and services you offer. Let’s talk about some of the benefits you can get by using this platform to grow your business.

To learn Google Ads and digital marketing, contact us.

It gives faster results than SEO

The primary advantage of Google AdWords is that it is more efficient than SEO in certain marketing strategies. Search engine marketing tactics such as SEO and Google AdWords are both used to increase traffic and leads. However, a well-optimized AdWords strategy will help a business get to the desired spot in the search results much faster. Some of the reasons why it is considered more efficient at times are- you can focus on multiple keywords at a time, you have the option to turn the campaign on or off at any time and ads that appear at the top of the page are visible right away. For a rather instant result, Adwords is possibly the best approach you can try.

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Helps you to increase brand awareness

In addition to the traffic, clicks, and conversions, Google AdWords is a great way to let people know about your business. When it comes to SEO, the number of brand name searches and variations also affects your ranking. Raising brand awareness is another reason to promote your brand through search and display advertising.

Enables you to reconnect with the visitors 

With Google AdWords, you will get the option to reach the interested audience and potential customers through remarketing features and RLSA campaigns. This is a huge benefit for businesses that are selling products and services online to target interested buyers and convert them into customers.

Can measure the performance easily

Traditional advertisements, such as newspapers, radio, network television, cable television, roadside billboards, and brochures, are extremely difficult to measure. That is why with traditional media it is extremely difficult to measure the ROI. AdWords, on the other hand, provides you with detailed information about the campaign’s results. This includes the number of leads, the best performing keywords, cost per lead, the amount of traffic and more crucial data related to your campaign. This helps in evaluating your ad campaigns more accurately.

Experiment with different bidding strategies

Different bidding strategies in AdWords will help you in maximizing your ROI to another level. There are various bidding strategies including CPC bidding, CPM bidding and CPA bidding for different goals of your campaign.

Using Google AdWords has its own perks from tackling your competitors better, earning more conversions to get easy-to-understand reports and having full control over your campaigns along with the benefits mentioned above.

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3 simple ways you can improve the quality score in Google AdWords

The AdWords quality score measures factors such as the quality of your user experience, keyword relevancy, and the effectiveness of your pay-per-click advertisement campaign. A quality score determines the relevancy and quality of the keywords that you are using in Google AdWords along with influencing the cost per click of a certain ad. It will even assist you in determining your ad’s position in the auction.

If you have a poor quality ranking, there are certain things you can do to improve it. It will inform you of what is going well and what is not. This will help you to determine the underlying issues and fix them for a better result. There are some of the crucial factors that can affect your quality score including:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Keyword relevancy in the ad group
  • Quality of the landing page
  • User experience
  • Text relevancy in the ad
  • Historical performance

These factors together determine the score and also help you in figuring out what you need to optimise to increase the website visits and clicks. Let us take a look at how we can increase the quality score by following 5 simple steps.

Target your ad groups to improve your score

Designing your ad groups into a more targeted campaign will help your quality score increase. While setting up your campaigns, it is better to use different ad groups that are relevant to the keywords that you have used. If you only have a couple of ad groups with the same keywords, your ads will not be relevant to your users as it would be difficult for them to find the specific ad. Each ad group should have its own set of keywords that are relevant to it. Make sure the keywords you’re using are appropriate and relate to what the ad groups users are searching for.

Focus on improving the landing page experience

As much as landing page relevancy is an important factor for maintaining a good quality score so is the landing page load time. According to the stats, if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, around fifty-three per cent of people tend to leave the page. There are two common ways to speed up the loading time of your landing page. The first one is to getting rid of all the excess images and another way is to build your page with AMP to load faster. Apart from this also make sure that your landing page is delivering the exact results that your ad is claiming to offer to maintain the relevancy.

Try improving your Click-through Rate (CTR)

CTR is an important factor in terms of increasing the overall quality score as an expected CTR indicates how many people are more likely to click on your ad. If you experience an average or below-average CTR status, you can follow certain ways including editing your ad text to make it more compelling, highlighting a benefit of your service or product, ensuring the intent of the keywords match the details in the ad, using a compelling call to action with specific words like ‘buy’, ‘order’, ‘find’ etc. and experimenting with different CTA to connect closely with your landing page.


The quality score is the most important metric to determine how well your ad is going to perform. Following these tactics along with factors like experimenting with A/B testing, improving mobile performance and more will certainly help your quality score improve and provide you with more clicks, engagement and conversions on your ads.


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6 Crucial Factors To Follow To Become An SEO Expert

An SEO expert is someone responsible for increasing the traffic from search engines and helps your website to get higher rankings on the SERP. An SEO expert or SEO specialist usually excels in different areas of search engine optimization along with other digital marketing skills including web design and writing content. By hiring an SEO specialist, businesses can increase their website ranking and traffic, improve brand awareness, and decrease extra costs and many more. For these reasons being an SEO expert is in high demand and is one of the most sought after career options in the digital marketing industry. Here are 6 crucial steps you need to follow to become a successful SEO specialist.

Have a clear notion of how search engines work

The foremost step you need to consider is to get familiar with how search engines work and have a clear idea about the basics of search engine optimization. In short search engines go through three major processes including crawling, indexing and ranking. Crawling is how the web spiders discover the content on the web, indexing is the process they include the content in their index and ranking describes how the search engines determine the position a certain website will get in the search results. To become an SEO specialist you need to learn how to optimize a certain website at every stage to improve its ranking and to make search engines read and index the content without any hassle.

Understand the different aspects of SEO in-depth

SEO consists of mainly three types of aspects including on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO and each of them has different factors to focus on. Technical SEO consists of all the technical part of a website to take care of including XML sitemap optimizations, finding crawl errors, improve page speed and more. On-page SEO elements are mainly optimizing page title, Meta description, content and making internal and external links. Off-page SEO on the other hand is all about the activities are done outside of your website that mainly includes link building to improve your site authority.

Opting for a proper SEO training

SEO contains a lot of things to learn including On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and technical SEO and these might seem a bit overwhelming at first. Learning search engine optimization without a proper mentor or guide may lead you to endless articles to read and an unplanned and disorganized way of learning. This is why it is crucial to opt for a reputable and reliable SEO course if you want to become an SEO expert. This will not only provide you with an organized way of learning but also will give you practical experience to apply SEO strategies as well.

Stay updated about SEO changes

Like the rest of the aspects of digital marketing, SEO is also ever-changing. Rather than being a static discipline, you will face new algorithms and rules to update your SEO strategy. As Google always tends to update and change the algorithms, it is important for an SEO expert to stay updated on these changes. You can follow popular blogs and SEO news website to stay updated and apply the new trends to your strategy.

Opt for the right SEO tools

As much as your knowledge in SEO is important so is using the right tools to aid your SEO strategy. Every aspect of digital marketing requires some advanced tools to deliver the best and expected results and it is no exception in SEO as well. There are so many decisions to take and information to process that if you try to do everything manually it will be time-consuming and restrain you from focusing on other important factors to improve your marketing strategy. There are plenty of free and paid tools available that are preferred by marketers that include Google webmaster tools, Google Analytics, Google keyword planner, Aherfs and SEMRUSH and more.

Practice SEO rather than relying on theoretical knowledge

Digital marketing is all about practising rather than gaining theoretical knowledge and it is the same with learning SEO as well. You need to apply what you have learnt and experiment constantly to improve your results and understand what approach works better. As each website is unique and contains different content, it is not necessarily that the same strategy will be beneficial for every website. This is why it is essential to practice SEO as soon as you have learnt the theoretical aspects of it. You can also go through various case studies on how other marketers applied different approaches to handle different scenarios.


As SEO is the base of all digital marketing campaigns, excelling in SEO is highly beneficial for any business to increase traffic, improve brand visibility by getting a higher rank in the search results. SEO is also the only way of growing your online presence in a cost-effective way and for that reason is considered one of the best digital marketing approaches by marketers all over the world.

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6 Major Reasons Why Learning Google Analytics Can Boost your Digital Marketing Skills

Google Analytics has grown in importance by leaps and bounds over the years. Any online marketer who wants to improve the search engine rankings must make use of this service offered by Google. With the increasing amount of data on the web, it is difficult to keep track of it all the time.

Users are usually viewing it from a variety of sources, landing on different pages on your website, and engaging with various links and pages on your website. Analysing this data will help you to make decisions on optimizing your marketing strategy. Learning the ins and outs of Google Analytics is thus crucial to boost your digital marketing game and to grow your business more effectively.

The basic definition of Google Analytics 

Introduced in 2005 by Google, Google Analytics is now one of the most used web analytics service referred by marketers all around the world. To use this service you only require having a Google account and you are good to go. It’s a comprehensive data collection, processing, and reporting tool that tracks the activity of a user on your website’s page. It adds a JavaScript tracking code to all of your website’s pages to track user activity. Google Analytics can provide you with valuable customer behaviour insights, provide valuable feedback for your website pages, and assist you in addressing crucial questions such as when and how to invest your marketing budgets and more.

Why do you need to learn Google Analytics?

Here are some of the benefits you can get by learning Google Analytics.

It is free to use

To use Google Analytics, you do not need to pay a subscription or a monthly/yearly fee. This enables you to invest in a better use elsewhere, rather than being invested in analytics tools.

It is comparatively easy to use and maintained by Google

To use Google Analytics you only need a Google account and can start using it with basic settings. With a user-friendly interface, this service is completely maintained by Google and keeps on improving its capabilities by adding new features like filters, reports and more.

Track the user activity on your site

Through Google Analytics you can track the online behaviour of the users on your website which includes how they navigate through your site, which links they clicked and how they made the purchase and more. You can also identify any issue with user experience and resolve that to improve your site’s performance. With the data provided by Google Analytics, you can also make decisions on reaching new and existing customers for better conversion.

Get to know your audience better

By using Google Analytics you will get a clear idea of where your visitors are coming from which means if the source of the traffic is direct, organic, paid or campaign. You can also get an overview of the geography they come from, the device they use, the language they prefer, their age, gender, interests and more. All of this and more can be found in Google Analytics’ audience and acquisition reports. You can monitor the entire user flow of traffic that comes to your website from various sources. Google Analytics gives you a comprehensive overview of your audience, traffic, conversions, bounce rates, sessions, and transactions, among other things.

Monitor bounce rates

Bounce rates illustrate how quickly a user leaves a webpage and you want to keep this percentage as low as possible. Google Analytics helps you to see what your website’s bounce rate is, which can help you spot problems you weren’t aware of. For example, there may be a problem with the design of the website. Also if the website isn’t responsive and doesn’t load properly on mobile devices, most mobile users will leave it easily. Google Analytics lets you check the bounce rate and help you identify the issues behind that.

Get real-time reports

Another important reason why Google Analytics is crucial for any marketing strategy is its capability to collect real-time data. This means you can generate reports, compare metrics, and evaluate results on any time period you want—hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly, year over year, and quarter over quarter.


Using Google Analytics will let you monitor mobile traffic, focus on Site search, identify the reasons behind bounce rate, locate top performing pages and more to analyse the data better and use it to make further decisions related to your marketing strategy.


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How Social Media Marketing Can Contribute to Your Business Growth

Social media is rapidly growing into one of the most critical elements of digital marketing, offering incredible benefits that enable businesses to reach millions of consumers around the world. And if you’re not taking advantage of this lucrative source, you’re losing out on a fantastic marketing tool that would help your business grow immensely around the world.

Because of the large number of online users, advertisers should not overlook the opportunity to advertise on these digital platforms, where they can attract the greatest number of potential customers as opposed to print or broadcast media ads.

Below are some major reasons why social media marketing is considered an important part of growth of a business:

Helps to Improve Your Brand Awareness

Social media can be counted as one of the most stress-free and profitable digital marketing channels for increasing the company’s exposure. You would be able to dramatically improve your brand awareness by implementing a social media strategy. Creating a social media page for your brand would undoubtedly help your business, and with frequent usage, it can quickly generate a large audience for your company.

  Helps in Cost-Effective Marketing

Social media marketing is perhaps the most cost-effective way to implement an advertisement campaign. Almost all social media sites allow free registration and account opening. Having a cost-effective marketing strategy is important because it enables you to get a higher return on investment and allocate more funds to other marketing and business expenses. You can greatly increase your conversion rates and, as a result, get a return on investment on the capital you initially invested by simply spending a little money and time.

Helps to Get Engaged With Your Customers Quickly

Social media is a better platform to actively engage with your customers. The more you engage with your audience, the more likely it is that they will come forward for your product. Establish a two-way contact channel with your target audience so that you can easily understand their needs and appeal to their interests. Furthermore, engaging and communicating with consumers is one of the most effective ways to capture their attention and deliver the brand message.

 Assist You in Improving Brand Loyalty

It gets easier for customers to find you and communicate with you if you have a social media presence. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are more likely to increase if you engage with your customers on social media. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are often linked. It is important to connect with your customers on a regular basis and begin to form a bond with them. Not only is social media a great way to introduce your product, but it’s also a great place to run promotional campaigns.

Marketplace awareness has become one of the easiest ways to discover your customers’ needs and desires instead of explicitly engaging with them. You can see consumers’ interests and thoughts by looking at the activities on your profile, something you wouldn’t realise if you didn’t have an online presence. As a supplement to traditional research tools, social media will assist you in gathering knowledge and gaining a greater understanding of the market.

Get Increased Traffic

Another advantage of social media is that it assists in the growth of the website’s traffic. Users would be more likely to visit your website if you share your content on social media. The more high-quality content you post on social media, the more inbound traffic you’ll receive along with more conversion opportunities.

Boosts up SEO Rankings

 The role of social media is becoming increasingly important in determining rankings. SEO criteria are constantly changing these days in order to achieve a good ranking. As a result, merely optimising your website and updating your blog on a regular basis isn’t sufficient enough. Businesses who share their content on social media send out a brand signal to search engines that refers to the credibility, authenticity and consistency of the business.


There is no doubt that social media marketing offers many benefits to both new and existing businesses. Increased traffic, stronger SEO, enhanced brand loyalty, healthier customer retention, and much more can all be achieved by regularly reviewing the right social media marketing strategy.

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10 Approaches to Boost Your Social Media Following That Work

If you handle the social presence of an online business and are struggling for followers, you are not alone. There are many going through the process of trial and error to see what grabs the attention of their audience the most. Global brands that are huge on social media such as Nike, KFC, and Apple provide social media marketers many examples and tips on how they can experience similar thriving social media presence.

Following are the best approaches to improve the numbers of social media followers for a business:

Create what the audience wants to see

As a social media marketer, your goal should be to stand out from the crowd and make meaningful interactions with your audience regularly. You cannot parrot the same kind of content which many influential brands are creating. Creating unique social media content takes a lot of practice and a deep understanding of what the audience wants.

Original blog posts, research, or infographics can be a good start to get people to want to see more of your content. Even a toned-down opinionated rant regarding the state of affairs could stop social media users in their tracks and follow you.

Experiment with paid stuff

A huge part of social media is free for people to utilise this channel any way they like. There is a lot you can achieve using various functionalities of any social media platform organically. But social media experts say that one should not be afraid to pay to get the most out of it. Not too long ago, Facebook launched an updated algorithm and business feature on Instagram to let social media marketers achieve their goals by experimenting with various ad features.

Influencer marketing is another strategy that requires people’s attention. The recent success of influencer marketing and paid ads is slowly turning into common practice on several social media channels.

Always follow the latest trend

Trending hashtags are a great tool meant for boosting discoverability and an even better way to make your audience interact with your brand. Breaking news and trending memes are also considered a fun yet useful way to keep your social media presence relevant. Keeping these trends in mind provides one with hundreds of ideas to create social media content. Relevant and funny posts are liked by all kinds of audience members as people need comic relief now and then.

It could be a good opportunity to show off a brand’s personality by making an ongoing trend your own by simply giving it a witty twist.

Monitor your activities expertly

Using analytics tools in the right way can unexpectedly improve your social media strategies. Expert tools allow us to find the shortcomings and flaws in our designs that people cannot make out independently. The lack of return of investment (ROI) generated from social media marketing can only be solved by examining your activities. Just like Google Analytics data, there are monitoring tools provided by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media giants.

On top of that, there are third-party monitor tools to boost your analytics reports and help you see which part of your social media strategy needs enhancement. They provide you with data points to make these improvements and create top-performing content.

Post on social media actively

Inactivity is a poison for brands in the world of social media. Your audience must feel your presence on various social accounts equally and at all times. Discontinued posting is bad for brands and creates a distance between a brand and its audience. If you want your brand to be taken seriously and enjoy the new addition of followers then the supply of fresh content must not cease. Fortunately, there is a way to post actively without sacrificing your sleep schedule.

Automated features not only maintain your brand’s presence but also save time and energy. All you have to do is create new content and then schedule it for posting during peak hours or choose a third-party automated tool that takes care of it all.

Prioritise visual type of media

If you were to ask any professional social media manager of a notable brand about what is the most preferred type of media content to share for most engagements, the answer would be visual media. Visual media has been the king of social media content including video content. Instagram is a haven for posting visual media that get nearly 6 times the engagement and urge people to follow your brand. Make short, fun, and engaging videos also called “reels” to share on Facebook and Instagram and gain more followers.

These approaches can help you make a successful social media strategy to increase followers on a regular basis.

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Post Covid Digital Marketing Trends

Since Covid-19 hit the world, people are staying at home more and spending a significant amount of time online. Moreover, this generation believes in new trends on social media. It makes it easy to promote services and products online. The world is also connected online now because many business activities are conducted in the digital space. After the pandemic, traditional marketing is not an option for many companies. Digital marketing trends are gaining more popularity because of this reason. Some of the most popular trends right now are:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing trends that offer the best ROI. Businesses from all industries use email marketing to present their brands to their customers and potential customers. It provides a direct connection between both parties. With the best email marketing strategy, you can lay out your business in front of your customers and let them know about your products and services.

Influencer Marketing

In today’s digital world, influencer marketing has become one of the best forms of digital marketing. It involves using an influencer with a substantial number of followers on several social media platforms. This influencer recommends the products or services of the company to the followers. Influencers are trusted by their followers. Therefore, people are most likely to follow their recommendations. It helps in creating awareness about the company’s products and overall brand. It also helps to build trust.

Influencer, Writing, Girl, Woman, Typing

Pay per click

Pay per click or simply PPC is another digital marketing trend where brands pay money each time someone clicks on their ads. The higher the number of clicks would be, the higher the traffic on the page would be and it would lead to high earnings. In pay per click advertisement, the most commonly used method is search engine advertising. Keywords play a major role in PPC because the website of a company is discoverable each time a person conducts a search related to the business. Companies can use Google Ads to run pay per click campaigns because they help in optimising the number of clicks on a website.

Pay Per Click, Google Marketing

Video marketing

Most people like watching videos more than reading texts or listening to audio. It makes video marketing effective in conveying information about your products. This form of digital marketing can be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube because these are video supporting channels. Engaging catchy and appealing videos in marketing campaigns make it easy for a brand to convey its message. People are satisfied with a product or service after watching a video as they can get to know about it in detail. So, companies are now using videos in many ways on different social media platforms.

Voice search

The popularity of voice search is increasing across businesses across almost all industries. It is one of the best digital marketing trends that businesses are using to position themselves in the industries strongly. Voice search makes it easy to search for products online whenever you conduct your search by voice instead of typing.

Use of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has been gaining popularity over the past few years and it is now being employed by brands to develop a smart campaign. It is also coming up with automated bidding. The use of chatbots for engaging the customers without the buyer and seller directly communicating with one another is a great example of this. Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly going to drive the future of business along with many aspects of our lives.

These digital marketing trends will not only help you to survive through the pandemic but also thrive after it.

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Digital Marketing Facts You Might Not Know

Digital marketing is the marketing tool that can be used by any company, small or big, land-based or online, to grow their business. In a nutshell, it refers to online marketing and engagement activities that are done via online media channels. Essentially, the objective behind it is to help you get noticed, get leads, and after that, turn those leads into returning customers. With that being said, here are some digital marketing facts you may not know:

Blogging is very important

Blogging is more important than you think it is. It has way more influence over purchasing decisions compared to newspapers. It also makes a big difference when it comes to making your website appear on search results and boost your SEO ranking. So, it is always useful to maintain a blog for your website. You can connect to your visitors directly through the blog as well.

Emails are read on smartphones primarily

Smartphones are used by more people compared to computer users in this era, and most people open and read emails on their smartphones primarily. Yes, people also use computers for emails, but that is more for office mails. Marketing emails from businesses are often opened on mobiles. So, you need to keep in mind and tailor your company mails and newsletters more mobile-friendly.

Social Media Marketing, Seo, Social, Media, Marketing

You have to impress people within 8 seconds

One thing that is very important to keep in mind at all times is that you do not have all day to impress your customers. On average, people pay attention to a newly visited page for 8 seconds only. It is not a long time, so you have to make sure that your web pages are optimised well. The people visiting your website must find it fast and easy to navigate through pages, and each article on the site, as well as each social post, must be attention-grabbing for consumers.

People look for content

Most people expect companies to create content. Consumers in today’s world are attracted to compelling images and videos. So, it is your job to integrate appealing visuals on your social media platform as it would help your business grow. Content must be relevant, informative, and to the point so your potential customers get what they are looking for.

Online video is ruling the world now

It is a lot more interesting and entertaining to watch an online video than just reading articles. While written content offers a clear idea of what something is about, a video introduces the brand in more detail. Videos are growing rapidly compared to all other online mediums, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. So, it is highly recommended to use online videos, especially on social platforms.

The search engine is the traffic machine

Search engines are the virtual highways that the majority of internet traffic uses to find their destinations. Google is the most visited search engine and people use it to look for any product or service they need. So, if a website wants to get more clients, it needs to work on its search engine rankings. Also, keep in mind that the Google algorithm keeps changing all the time. So, it is a must for companies to be updated about the changes.

Social media is the key

Social media is the best place where you can promote your website at a very affordable rate. The top social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So, take advantage of these platforms to your fullest. Do not forget about YouTube either.

The more you know about digital marketing, the better you can work on your campaigns.

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A Complete Guide To Learning SEO For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of the digital marketing industry. From the dawn of online marketing, SEO has gone through several changes and upgraded is now considered to be an advanced skill to master. SEO may seem complex at the first glance if you are new to this field.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs thus prefer to hire an SEO specialist to grow their business which makes it a highly sort-out career option. Various training institutes provide in-depth SEO courses in Kolkata where you can get hands-on experience to sharpen this crucial skill of digital marketing.

The basics of SEO

SEO consists of various aspects and you need to focus and learn each one of them to properly master this in-demand skill. Before diving in further let us look at the core factors that Google considers to rank a website. The two main factors that determine your website’s position in the search results are relevancy and authority. Relevancy is when the content matches the user’s intent and authority is the factor that makes the content trustworthy. Your expertise in SEO means how well you can optimise content to improve these factors to rank your site on the SERP.

Targeting right keywords

This is the crucial part of every campaign because the chances of getting your content rank higher depend on the selection of the right keywords. The key is to choose the most relevant keywords of your niche or industry that has the highest volume of traffic with the lowest amount of difficulty. It is recommended to have a list of potential keywords that can help your content rank before you start working on it. But this may take continuous monitoring and optimizing to master properly.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is the process to help your site to be properly indexed by Google so that it can be categorized to eventually rank in future. You need to focus on multiple aspects to execute a proper on-page SEO strategy. This includes SEO optimized title tags, meta description, site performance and on-site content. Apart from profitable keywords you also need to focus on valuable and relevant content to increase the traffic on your site.

Link building and off-page optimization

To understand the importance of link building you need to have a basic knowledge of how link equity or commonly known as ‘link juice’ pass through websites. Link juice in SEO refers to the value of equity that passes through from one site to another via a do-follow link. Building links to high authority sites thus plays a huge role in increasing the authenticity of your domain. Because the more trustworthy your site would be the more traffic it will get.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO consists of the technical aspects of your website from accessing and crawling to indexing and interpreting the content of your site by the search engine spiders without any issue. It is coined as ‘technical’ as this part of SEO has nothing to do with content and is purely based on optimising the performance and infrastructure of your website. There are certain areas to focus on while carrying out a technical SEO audit like optimizing robots.txt file, URL structure, XML sitemap, adding SSL on your website’s server and more.


SEO is rather a vast subject to master overnight but proper guidance and preferably a well-constructed course can help you grasp the concept easily. Opting for a training program is thus recommended to learn SEO from scratch with practical knowledge which will also help you to earn a certificate to add to your resume.


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