Learn SEO: Link building Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most serious and basic things about marketing in a digital platform is link building. That is what drives the crowd to your website. When people come and see your website they get the idea of what you sell and if your product is of utmost importance to them. In such a situation link building plays a very important role. Now, what is link building? Link building is creating links between webpages to guide the person, surfing the web, to the desired website address. This is done by creating hyperlinks to words and phrases.

So when someone clicks the hyperlink, he or she can reach the page the hyperlink wants to take him or her. To drive in more traffic to the website, SEO agencies or the marketing expert does some serious mistakes that prove disadvantageous for the website and the Agency. Some are mentioned below.

Buying links

Money can buy a lot of things, but it can say bye to them too. Crawlers of the search engine are developing each day, and they have efficient algorithms to distinguish between genuine and paid links. Also, some systems report to Google about fake and toxic links that have been bought from PBN networks. There are also chances to get penalized by Google. So, it is safe to avoid such discrepancies.

Optimized Anchor Text

You must not use keywords that are filled with anchor texts in them. Google believes that links to anchor texts are a black hat SEO Strategy. So, Google often penalizes the site with such links. It marks these links under spam. This is why you should always be alert while using the anchor texts, not use them too many times. On the contrary, you can use them with various other combinations. If you can make distinct compositions then it would seem natural enough to google bots.

Sidebar and Footer Link Usage

The new era has brought in new trends and security terms. Therefore nowadays using footers and sidebars is a big no. Natural-looking links make more visitors. Moreover, try and go for links that are from various articles. Any manipulation of Google would never be appreciated for faster popularity. So it is best to be away from the footer, sidebars, and site-wide links.

Irrelevancy of links

Nowadays bloggers and influencers post articles that do not pertain to the product or idea they are selling. Suppose you own a company that sells home décor items. If you suddenly try adding a link that is talking about the eye shadow shades of a brand, then that becomes irrelevant. So, it is very important to adhere to the niche. Some SEO experts opine that building quality links is possible from several links, but the guest post must be of very high quality. This should be relevant to the topic for your day too. So, when guests are posting on your site, be careful that they post relevant topic articles.

Fast link building

We all have heard about the line “early success is a scam, great things come with time”. This is exactly applicable here. If you wish to get links fast, you have to manipulate Google and that is something that can ruin you before you rise. If you try and create a thousand links in the very first day, you better comprehend the after effect. Getting links from DA links that are high is better than getting the same from the sites with low DA.

These are some of the mistakes that you must take into consideration, before starting this year. A new year brings in new hope and tells you what to learn from the past. Therefore, before taking a plunge try and avoid these mistakes.

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Importance of Digital Marketing Education in Kolkata

It is the new wave of existence where all traditional things are being replaced by the craze of modernity. Market structure too did not set its self behind. It has also taken part in the marathon of change and is changing every day. The structural change that has taken place in the markets is its gradual shift from physical to virtual medium. But why did it jump to virtual medium suddenly?

The only major and primary answer is viewership. The world of the internet is a vast medium where the reach is high and the cost of the advertisement is pretty low. Life has constricted into the gadget and so has the customers. Thus business too had to be taken to a different medium altogether. So, the business followed its customers. This is why it is necessary to learn digital marketing.

Who can start? And why one should start?

In the graduating years

The ones who are still swimming the vastness of school for the final time and are thinking of jumping into graduation can start learning digital marketing. It gives an additional benefit to the future resume. Other job sectors have always, since its inception, has been flickering. Digital marketing is such a platform that is growing with time and the craze has already on the verge of rising. So, it has a sure stable future. And digital marketing is such a platform that has to be operated by humans. Robots have their limitations too.

Professional’s skills up-gradation

If one is a professional and wants to upgrade his or her resume and skill, digital marketing is the best option. Every service or firm has an online portal that is never overlooked or challenged with dullness. If you are already in marketing it would be easier for you to pick digital marketing faster, and if you are a tech-savvy person, your dream job is waiting on the other side of your course. Although Bangalore was the hub initially now Kolkata too has geared up well. You can get an ample number of courses here to be a successful digital marketer.

Career flipping

All the other industries have already faced a major blow and a set back after the pandemic. In such a condition, you might be thinking of shifting your career by trying out some other field of interest. If you are planning to start something new, then you must go for digital marketing courses. It’s a faster source of employment these days. To ward off the competition you can be ahead with your degree.

To be ahead in your city

In Kolkata, the employment scenario is quite discouraging because as we all know, it’s the land of culture and educated individuals. Therefore competition is relatively high here compared to other areas. Therefore a digital marketing course will surely keep you ahead of the others who do not have a degree.

This is why keeping career options open is a far strategic move for the ones who are starting their careers. It is not too late, you can secure your future now only.


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Digital Marketing as A Lucrative Career Option for women

As the world is going through a digital revolution, almost all companies are acknowledging the importance of taking their business online. After the pandemic, we all realized how crucial it is to have an online presence especially if you’re running a business. And it is only possible to flourish your business online is via Digital Marketing.

In this era of women empowerment, digital marketing can be a great career option for women. It not only offers a wide spectrum of works for you to choose from but also it can all be done in the comfort of your home. If you’re looking to restart your career or just starting out, digital marketing is a lucrative career option, especially for women.

Jobs opportunities in Digital Marketing

Though being highly in-demand digital marketing skills are rather easy to learn. There are various opportunities in this field and each of them is important to grow an online business properly. The best options for you, if you are thinking about starting your career in Digital Marketing are-

  • Content Marketing and Copy Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing

If you are comfortable with technical matters, you can also learn and master SEO, WordPress, and Analytics.

Reasons why digital marketing is a great career choice for women

Increasing Demand

As companies and businesses are going online day by day the demand for digital marketers has grown exponentially. Learning digital marketing is comparatively easier and you can find multiple resources online. You can even take a six-month course and get certified to bag a decent paying job quite immediately.

Flexible work schedule

The flexibility of work is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is highly recommended to women. As it is purely home-based work, women can balance their personal and professional life quite efficiently.

Scope of learning 

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field and needs continuous experiments as new technologies are emerging every day. You will have a huge scope of learning and trying new things while working as a digital marketer.

Developing Skills

digital marketing will let you learn various in-demand skills from SEO, SEM to Email marketing, and SMM. You’ll be working and learning different aspects of Digital Marketing which will give you a much bigger exposure to various businesses and niches.

Decent pay

Unlike other industries, digital marketing being an in-demand career option offers quite a decent pay after getting just 2 years of experience. This is why it is a good choice to start with for becoming financially independent.

Educational requirements

Digital marketing is one of the rarest industries where you aren’t required to be in a specific educational field. You can get a decent paying job irrespective of your educational qualification. The only thing it requires is how efficient you are with the skills.


You can learn valuable skills that are in demand today, and be a part of this huge scope to grow your career by choosing digital marketing as a career.


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Is learning digital marketing the right decision for you at this time?

With the current situation in the employment sector, getting a proper job has become a magnitude of difficulty. There are many reasons for this situation but presently, the immediate and the primary reason for the fall of the employment sector is the pandemic of Covid-19.

Digital marketing is one industry that is doing well even in such a critical phase. The demand for digital marketers is on the rise as more and more companies are looking for professionals to help them get back their business on track.

Digital marketing courses are designed for candidates who are looking forward to a satisfying career that is full of growth and opportunities. Learning or getting trained in digital marketing in the current times is certainly the correct decision because it will help you in getting established in your career.

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Why would you learn digital marketing?

Popularity and growth

Digital marketing companies are the only sector now that are doing blatantly amazing even in this seriousness of the situation. Where physical and offline companies are falling short of finance and support these companies are blooming. The simple reason is that people are confined inside their houses, which has given them a lot of free time. This is making them invest their idle time in the digital world. And this in its growth and popularity. The growth has been from 12% in 2016 to 37% in 2020. A course in digital marketing can make you stand on the graph of this prospering industry.

Direction to the future

There are several things in the digital marketing course that you get to learn. If you have completed your graduation and wondering what to do in life you can always opt for courses on digital marketing. This can pave the way towards a more secure career for you. You get to intern under reputed companies for your experience and understanding the job better.

Open to options in career

Digital marketing is such a hood of employments that you get exposed to various kinds of works in your job life. This is what makes your life open to opportunities and exciting at the same time because you do not have to be fixed in one thing throughout your life. After doing a course on digital marketing, you would be eligible to work under any position in a digital marketing company.

Job assurance

Job has become the main concern of every study these days. Digital marketing courses offer you the best of job opportunities at quite an early age. You don’t have to wait for long to be financially independent. After doing a course you get a proper job with a handsome salary. This is why it is very important to learn digital marketing after you finish the basics of your study, till graduation.

When you are worried about plans and peer pressure to study something that does not excite you, when you want to be a creator and not a follower, you must seek digital marketing. It gives you everything you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to know more about our courses and how you can get started.

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Using guest blogging for natural linkbuilding

Blogging, Blog, Guest, Gastieren, Gästin

Guest blogging or guest posting is the name given to the act of writing content for another company’s website. The content of a guest blogger is typically similar within their industry and the main purpose typically includes the following:

  • Create quality relationships with members of the same industry
  • Enhance their brand awareness and integrity
  • Lure traffic to their websites
  • Enhance their domain authority by incorporating internal links to high-authority domains.

What is most appealing about guest blogging is that they create a win-win situation for both the guest blogger and the website hosting the content. So if you plan on incorporating guest blogging, do consider featuring posts by guest bloggers on your site because it’s one of the most constructive and lucrative linkbuilding approaches.

So let’s get straight to the main question that is how to use guest blogging for natural linkbuilding.

1.      Know where to pitch

The first thing to do would be researching where you want to pitch for publication. The selection process should be very specific and thorough. There is a large volume of high domain authority sites delivering guest blogging opportunities but you must be picky and choose the one that is ideal for you and appropriate for your type of content.

You can also rely on trusted media platforms for publishing sponsored content on which media editors can also work. This is a good experimental approach which clearly exhibits the importance of linkbuilding. The media as a publication is an instant exposure to highly educated audiences where your brand’s success story will be evaluated and you will get some quality feedback.

2.      Pitching ideas

Now that you know where you want to pitch, the following step is to send an email to the editor or blogger your guest post ideas. And then it’s the waiting game for the response.

3.      Seek out the most favourable blogging opportunities

To initiate any guest posting campaign you must have an idea of the targets you want to hit. Therefore here is a short list of some of the most favourable blogging opportunities to give you some idea:

  • The influencer approach

Today’s world is run by influencers. Therefore it’s only fit to find guest blogging opportunities by following the footsteps of an influencer. The simplest way to find an influencer is to do Google. If you have already been in this field for a long time you’re already aware of some of the top influencers in your industry. Just Google to find those influencers’ guest posts and start targeting every website where they guest blog. The icing on the cake is that top influencers mostly preferred to publish on authority blogs so you will be blessed with some top-quality targets.

  • The Google search approach

This is probably the most common approach utilised since many blogs maintain pages requesting guest posts. These typically become convenient targets considering they publicly share their guest posting guidelines.

4.      Write guest blogs to captivate your audience

You need to create blog posts that will grab the readers mind and keep them coming back for you. Following are some of the great linkbuilding strategies that you can incorporate to produce captivating blog posts:

  • Add contextual backlinks
  • Add high-quality images
  • Pay attention to readability
  • Pay attention to data research and facts checking

5.      Publish

After your content is in the hands of the editor you have to wait a few days for their feedback so that the necessary changes can be made before the article is published.

The waiting game can differ from a few days to months depending on the blog. So do remember to consider that. In addition to that, guest post writing can also be considered under progressive linkbuilding services. So if everything goes right you can easily achieve high-quality backlinks.

And lastly, once your content is published, you have managed to build a relationship that you can save for future opportunities.

6.      Allow and engage with comments on your guest posts

Always engage with your audience after your guest post is published, especially with the ones who leave valuable comments. This will enhance the commenter’s experience and you will have successfully created yourself quality recognition.

There is no doubt that guest posting is a highly successful SEO strategy that you can incorporate for growing backlinks to your website. This is because popular blogs have large reach and followers and those people, if they like your content, will come back to your website for more. Therefore using guest blogging for natural linkbuilding is a blessing and every website should exploit it.

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The length of a blog post – What do the experts say?

Wordpress, Blogging, Blogger, Editor

A blog is an informational website or a type of online journal presenting information in the reverse chronological order where the new posts come into view first, at the top. It is also a platform where a group of writers publish their writings and share their views on a particular topic. Blogs are used for several distinct purposes such as:

  • Luring quality traffic to your website
  • Converting the traffic into leads
  • Help consumer queries

Clearly, a blog is an extremely powerful tool in the digital marketing aspect. So let’s come to the main question that is what should be the length of a blog post?

After much research and observation, experts have come to the conclusion that search engines prefer long posts, specifically the posts that are based on solving readers’ issues or struggles.

Why do the experts think long blog posts are ideal for efficient SEO?

1.      Longer content = More backlinks

We all are aware that backlinks are critical for Google rankings. This is because backlinks are the foundation of the PageRank algorithm and there is a positive relationship between backlinks and word count.

This relation is witnessed because longer posts look striking which becomes a reason for people linking to them. But that does not mean you can write any long blog post and get away with it. You must start by knowing how to write valuable articles. This might sound very obvious but it is very critical.

A point to remember is that most people are not going to link to a blog post they have not read and the number of such people will increase if your blog posts are extremely long and take hours and hours to complete reading.

The solution to that inconvenience is to try and keep your blog posts concise, crisp and fluff-free.

2.      Longer content = More organic traffic

Experts have also analysed that there is an adequate amount of positive relation between content length and organic traffic.

Since Google prefers long articles and posts, it brings forward certain convincing reasons to why the positive relation exists, such as:

  • There exists a positive association between backlinks and word counts typically up to 1000 words.
  • Longer content can easily cover many subtopics and can be very detailed. This is also the reason why longer content ranks more for long-tail keywords.
  • Since long articles are detailed and thorough they can consist of a large number of keywords that people may search while googling. This means that you have a higher chance of ranking.

If your article is not thorough and detailed you will not rank high and you will notice your competitive posts beating you to it.

The solution to this is to write articles that consist of only the essential pieces of information. After you have collected all the essential information, then you can go into doing research for subtopics. The easiest way to achieve that is by understanding what the top-ranking blogs are doing and how they are writing their content.

Lastly, to create high-quality long posts that are certain aspects you must check for consistently to attract more readers. The aspects are as follows:

1.      Make use of headings

Headings are very important for the structure of your blog post.They serve two important purposes including representing top to down hierarchy as well as allowing readers to skim through the blog post. Headings also make blog posts very clear and organised making it more enjoyable to read.

2.      Use readable texts

Your blog post should contain readable content which typically means it should have a proper logical line of thought. Readable texts should also lack any kind of surplus vocabulary or sentences. Try to keep down the use of passive voice as well.

3.      Create original content

It definitely becomes difficult to create original content especially when there is so much information already existing on the web. Therefore start focusing on your own style of writing and reflect on what makes your content unique and you will be good to go.

The bottom line is, you must stop worrying about the length of your blog post. Instead try and focus on creating content that is valuable, readable, crisp and to the point, while following SEO best practices. Such articles and blog posts will conveniently attract readers and rank high.

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Facebook Ads or Google Ads – What will you choose?

If you want to make your online business bigger with the coveted digital exposure, the contribution of Facebook Ads and Google Ads cannot be denied. These are two of the most widely used tools that take part in advertising the entire eCommerce industry. When it comes to digital advertising; you may go for PPC campaigns, social media advertisings, or video ads. There are a lot of tools and strategies to use from time to time to make your business grow. Now, if you compare the credibility and benefits between Facebook Ads and Google Ads, you will note the distinctive elements of both with unique aspects.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for what your business needs for better ranking on search engine results, the first thing you need to analyse the primary differences between Facebook Ads and Google Ads and compare them with the requirements of your business. After that, you can make your choice.

Paid social and paid search

Using Google Ads helps your company with paid search results, while using Facebook Ads provides your company with better social media exposure, which means that new customers are drawn frequently. For example, you need to enter a search query directly on Google when you are looking for a product on service. Then, it will provide you with the results. However, things are different on Facebook.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Icon, Social Media

Facebook is a social media platform where people from all over the world can connect. It is no wonder that billions of people are on Facebook right now. Facebook Ads is the best platform for entrepreneurs who need a substantial amount of lead generation and the desired brand awareness, along with a socially well-built design and recall values. The features that indicate the fundamentals and functionalities of Facebook Ads include –

  • Facebook Ads allows a 25-character headline for the ad with a 135-character ad body.

  • Facebook Ads is diversified in nature. It targets choices according to location, age groups, occupation, language, birthdate, relationship status, education, pages they like, communities they join, and more.

  • Ads appear on the Facebook news feeds of the target audience. Hence, they can see what services or products your company is offering.

  • You can also use graphic representations, images, and relevant videos to make your content catchy and intriguing for the audience to it can engage more people.

Google Ads

Adwords, Seo, Sem, Google, Marketing

Google Ads have some distinctive features that make it different from Facebook Ads. They are –

  • The number of characters in Google Ads is limited to 70 characters.

  • The keyword is the primary target of Google Ads. It is followed by other metrics like target location and language.

  • 72% of the entire search market share is owned by Google and its display campaigns reach almost 80% of internet users worldwide.

  • You can bid on and invest in keywords to display them in the search engine results when users enter a search query regarding any of your products or services.

Final Thoughts

You need to identify the right tool that would work best for your business. If an instant sale is your target and you want to do it by bidding on the most searched keywords, then it may be best to implement Google Ads strategy. On the contrary, Facebook Ads will allow you to display your products and services in front of your target audience via social media posts and shares. Once you are aware of all the unique features and components associated with both digital advertising tools. Evaluate your business requirements closely and go with the one that offers your brand the best exposure.

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Creating Engaging Tweets in Just 280 characters

Twitter is one of the most commonly used social media platforms by most companies to market their brands online. The platform continues to mutate and redefine itself to go with the big changes in the industrial algorithms and comes up with ways so people can make better use of it. It has increased the number of characters from 140 to 280. With the 280 characters usage, you can also market your brand to the public, but you need to be creative for it so you can deliver your message to a wider audience.

Smartphone, Twitter, Mobile Phone

Many people are still struggling to learn to use Twitter the right way and are not aware of the latest updates of the platform. So, here are some tips to take the full advantage of the social media platform by creating precise and direct tweets –

Provide A Brief Illustration Of Your Services And Products

With the previous number of characters of 140, it was difficult for most business owners to define their brand and market the products and services effectively. However, now that the number of characters is 280, you can provide all the required information in a single tweet easily. The audience can understand your brand better with a detailed tweet.

Use Different Patterns In Your Tweets

The new update of Twitter allows users to use patterns in the tweets now. If you think that the traditional ways of tweeting are boring, you can consider patterns. Make sure to be creative while selecting patterns so you send the intended message correctly to your target audience. Using visually attractive patterns is a great way to catch the attention of your audience.

Cover your updates in a single tweet

Using threaded tweets is a very common thing on Twitter and it still exists, but it is better to use a single tween while covering all your updates. The reason behind it is that single tweets issue elaborate information to inform the audience. Moreover, your audience will not have to go through the hassle of checking the threaded tweets for digging more information. So, make sure to include both breaking news and updates on your services and products in a single tweet.

Redirect Your Audience By Using Ctas

You can include interesting CTAs in the tweet to generate more leads. Some of these leads can redirect your followers to your business website. This tool can be used to notify a specific audience by mentioning the users in the audience.

Say Something About Your Company

280 characters are more than enough to let the world know about your company. You should provide a brief and creative story about your company to connect with the audience. Similarly like Facebook, you can use Twitter to build your brand image by tweeting short stories.

Tweet In Many Languages

By using many languages in your tweets, you can reach a wider audience and still save on characters. Thus, it becomes easier to reach people from different races and regions across the world. So, you can establish long-lasting connections with your prospects easily. The latest update of Twitter helps you to achieve this by allowing using multiple languages. So, users do not need to go through the hassle of translating tweets.

Host Quizzes And Trivia

The best way of maintaining a faithful audience and your reputation on any social media platform is by interacting with your followers effectively. Make sure you tweet often and keep your followers updated with trivia and quizzes. It increases the participation of your followers and helps you improve your brand awareness.

Show Your Care About Your Customers

Your customers are the most valuable assets of your company, so, you need to show your care for them. You can communicate with them regularly by creating a support page on the platform. You can also pass important information to your customers through direct messages.

Include Emoticons To Your Tweets

Emoticons have become the global language in the social world. They allow you to use the minimum number of characters to deliver your message to your target audience. An emoticon is worth a thousand words, just like images and videos. It is the best way to draw the attention of your customers.

With the right use of the updates of Twitter, you can engage more people.

Learn more about such hacks & social media tricks – click here

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Securing a digital marketing career post-COVID

Digital, Marketing, Search, Engine

The 2020 pandemic of COVID-19 has massively affected the word in all sectors and industries. The world is shaken, worried, stressed out and looking for ways to deal with it to bring back normalcy to life. It becomes challenging especially when lockdowns and mandatory social distancing is being enforced resulting in most of us staying home and businesses are seizing to operate.

However, the case is quite different in the digital front. Life, during and after the pandemic, in the digital world continues to remain quite the same. This is happening because technology is inspiring possibilities through lifesaving digital marketing careers.

Here is what you need to know about the digital industry-

Technology such as telecom and internet are highly functional sources and digital empowerment is letting a large population of people to work from home, shop, communicate, receive education, entertain themselves, carry out banking, socialising and so much more. Wondering how this is possible? This is because in every turn there is a strong team of digital experts who are working competently to keep our life update. This pandemic may have had quite a few negative impacts on most of our lives but it had a silver lining and that was it uncovered the power of digital excellence in the areas of social media influence, digital marketing, cloud and big data, online tools and businesses, cybersecurity etc.

Many marketers are largely relying on digital marketing as if it were their lifeline as they strategise on generating higher ROI while reducing marketing expenses and growing online customers. For the same reason, digital marketing careers are in demand to regulate the requirement for PPC practitioners, content and SEO experts, digital brand managers, customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing specialist.

Digital empowerment amidst COVID-

With the pandemic uncovering the power of digital excellence in several areas of social media influence, digital marketing, cloud and big data, cybersecurity etc, the post-pandemic world will amplify the Indian job market for digitally skilled individuals how can work remotely. So much that it has the potential to be much ahead of Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific in the field of digital marketing.

Does that sound fictitious to you? Then here are some facts:

Fact No.1: The growth of digital marketing in India is at a rate of 11% which is leading to ample job opportunities for those with a digital marketing career, certification or degree.

Fact No.2: In the Indian internet industry scope of digital marketing careers will be worth more than $150 billion by the year 2020 according to Goldman Sachs reports.

Fact No.3: 25,000 crore INR was spent on digital advertising in India this financial year.

The bottom line is digital marketing career is letting every individual whether it is a youngster, someone looking to change their careers or even a homemaker to explore various techniques and job-breaks if they have the knowledge of digital marketing. Digital marketing careers are also extremely in demand and highly suitable for most because they fit a wide range of professionals who are technological inclined, creative, analytical and insightful.

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Simple tips for effective YouTube marketing

Youtube, Youtuber, Channel, Marketing, AffiliatesVideo marketing is one of the most promising and uprising strategies in the modern world of the internet. Many businesses even swear by video marketing because it is a type of content which comes with the best ROI. Now when we talk about video marketing you just cannot skip YouTube because it is one of the largest and most popular video hosting websites. But one of the most interesting facts is that even though YouTube marketing offers high ROI, a very small percentage of businesses are on YouTube. This is simply because most businesses do not know how to produce quality video content.

Therefore here are six tips for an effective YouTube marketing strategy that you can utilise and jump into the world of YouTube for a much larger ROI: -

1.      Quality content creation: To figure out what kind of content is quality the first thing you must understand is why people interact with video content more than any other type of content. This is because videos turn out to be more engaging and personal when compared to e-books, blogs or other types of content. So what you can pick from this fact is that you must create interesting content that is very captivating and engaging for your audience. Make sure the video content is mostly positive in nature or educational.

2.      Link back to your website: This tip may sound very simple and easy but is one of the most important things to do. Do not forget to link your YouTube channel back to your website to gain heavy traffic. When you run a YouTube channel your followers want to know father about you. Therefore linking back to your website will allow your followers to learn more about you and potentially turn into your clients or customers.

3.      Partner with other YouTubers: YouTube is the land of famous personalities called the YouTubers. These personalities have a massive following on YouTube. One of the best ways to increase your reach and spread the awareness of your organisation or business is by partnering or collaborating with these big names. But do make sure that you approach YouTubers that make videos very similar or related to your industry or products and services. This way you will be able to focus on the right kind of audience and the cross exposure is both lucrative and organic.

4.      Be consistent: Consistency is Important for success. This applies to YouTube as well. Most businesses find it very hard to maintain a YouTube channel because they can’t maintain consistency. This often happens because videos can take up a lot of production costs, time, demands editing skills etc which seems like a lot when compared to blogs or e-books. To make it big in YouTube, you have to be consistent just like any other marketing requires you to give your all, consistently.

There is no better time than now to be on YouTube especially for the growth of your business. Be patient and consistently create quality content and you will soon see results.

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